AI Elvis Presley Takes the Stage – Unveiling the World’s First Immersive Concert Experience


  • UK stage set for groundbreaking AI Elvis Presley concert experience titled “Elvis Evolution.”
  • British company Layered Reality employs AI and holographic projection for a never-before-seen immersive show.
  • Elvis Presley’s estate grants access to personal photos and videos, promising fans an up-close journey through his iconic career.

In a move set to captivate music enthusiasts, the legendary Elvis Presley is making a digital comeback on the UK stage through a revolutionary concert experience titled “Elvis Evolution.” This unprecedented event, powered by artificial intelligence and holographic projection, promises to transport fans through the king of rock ‘n’ roll’s rise to fame and cultural impact in the 1950s and 1960s. Spearheaded by the British company Layered Reality, the show is set to be the world’s first immersive encounter with the iconic musician.

AI Elvis Presley – Unveiling the digital resurrection

Layered Reality, the British company at the forefront of this groundbreaking project, reveals that “Elvis Evolution” will mark the world’s first Elvis immersive experience. Through a combination of artificial intelligence and holographic projection, fans will witness a life-sized digital version of Elvis Presley performing on stage, bringing the rock ‘n’ roll legend back to life in a way never seen before. 

The project has received the approval of Elvis Presley’s estate, gaining access to thousands of the singer’s personal photos and hours of home video footage, ensuring the creation of never-before-seen performances.

The immersive experience, set to premiere in London in November, aims to provide fans with an up-close and personal encounter with Elvis, allowing them to relive key moments from his illustrious career. Titled “Elvis Evolution,” the show promises to be a memory-making experience, transporting audiences through the cultural movement catalyzed by Elvis in the 1950s and 1960s. This digital resurrection is not limited to the UK, as plans for performances in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Berlin are also in the pipeline.

Following in the footsteps of icons

“Elvis Evolution” follows in the footsteps of other iconic bands, such as ABBA Voyage, where lifesized avatars of the Swedish pop stars performed as their human counterparts appeared in 1979. The trend extends to US rock band Kiss, who unveiled avatars of themselves depicted as superhero versions of the musicians. This resurgence of legendary performers through digital avatars signifies a new era of entertainment where fans actively participate in immersive experiences rather than passively receiving entertainment.

Andrew McGuinness, founder and CEO of Layered Reality, expressed the significance of “Elvis Evolution” as a next-generation tribute to the musical legend. McGuinness emphasized the enduring global superstar status of Elvis, asserting that audiences worldwide are no longer content with passive entertainment. 

According to him, people want to actively engage and be part of the entertainment experience, reflecting the motivation behind the creation of the AI Elvis Presley concert experience by Layered Reality. He envisions the show as a bucket-list item for Elvis fans worldwide, allowing them to step into the world of Elvis, walk in his shoes, and celebrate his extraordinary musical legacy.

Acknowledging Elvis’s legacy

As the announcement coincides with what would have been Elvis Presley’s 89th birthday on January 8, Marc Rosen, president of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group, expressed excitement about partnering with Layered Reality. Rosen conveyed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Layered Reality, expressing delight in providing fans with a fresh and immersive perspective on Elvis Presley’s life and legacy through the innovative AI Elvis Presley concert experience. Elvis’s impact on the music industry is undeniable, with 14 Grammy nominations, three wins, over one billion records sold worldwide, and a Grammy lifetime achievement award.

The digital resurrection of Elvis Presley through “Elvis Evolution” promises to be a milestone for fans, allowing them to relive the magic of the king of rock ‘n’ roll in a never-before-seen manner. The immersive concert experience aims to break the boundaries of traditional entertainment, offering a unique opportunity for fans to actively engage with the legendary musician’s extraordinary legacy.

As the anticipation builds for “Elvis Evolution” and the prospect of witnessing the king of rock ‘n’ roll in a digital reincarnation, one cannot help but wonder about the future of live performances. Will this groundbreaking approach redefine how we experience concerts and reshape the landscape of musical tributes? The convergence of technology and entertainment opens new possibilities, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the magic of iconic figures like Elvis Presley. How will this digital resurrection impact the way we celebrate the musical legends of the past, and what other immersive experiences await music enthusiasts in the ever-evolving world of entertainment?

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