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  • London Met University collaborates with Mobilise to create an AI tool for better caregiver support to predict caregivers’ needs and offer personalized help.
  • Traditional caregiver support is reactive, leaving many unprepared, but this project plans to provide timely, tailored information and advice.
  • This collaboration showcases the power of partnerships in addressing crucial societal challenges and improving the lives of caregivers and those they care for.

London Metropolitan University, renowned for its commitment to utilizing technology for social impact, has joined forces with the innovative caregiving organization Mobilise to pioneer a revolutionary approach to support unpaid carers. This partnership, backed by funding from Innovate UK, aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized, anticipatory support for caregivers, enhancing their preparedness, resilience, and overall caregiving experience.

A vision for the future of caregiver support

Unpaid carers play a vital role in society, providing essential care and support to their loved ones. However, their challenges are often overwhelming and can lead to social isolation, financial pressure, and a lack of support for their well-being. The traditional model of caregiving support has been reactive and generalized, leaving many carers unprepared for the unique challenges they encounter.

In the partnership between London Met and Mobilise, the goal is clear: to create an innovative AI-based tool that anticipates the needs of carers. This is based on the specific circumstances of their caregiving journey and provides them with personalized, anticipatory advice and resources. This project marks a significant departure from the status quo, aiming to empower carers with timely, tailored information and guidance that can serve as a therapeutic intervention.

Senior Professor Karim Ouazzane, who has invaluable support from Dr. Elaheh Homayounvala, is the driving force behind this transformative initiative. Professor Ouazzane emphasized that this AI-based project aligns perfectly with the University’s Knowledge Exchange and Business Engagement strategic plan. It fosters collaboration with businesses and creates commercial capabilities with substantial economic and societal impact while nurturing entrepreneurial skills crucial for students’ and graduates’ employability.

The London Met-Mobilise partnership objectives

Capturing Diverse Caregiver Situations: The project will establish a mechanism to capture the diverse situations and condition stages that carers encounter. This data forms the foundation for the AI system’s insights.

AI Predictive Analysis: The heart of the project lies in developing an AI system capable of analyzing this comprehensive dataset and predicting the future needs of carers. This anticipatory approach is a game-changer.

User-Friendly Personalized Support: Traditional caregiving support systems have often failed due to their reactive and generalized nature. This initiative aims to deliver personalized support content in an accessible, user-friendly format.

Knowledge transfer partnerships for competitive advantage

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a cornerstone of this collaborative endeavor. They aim to enhance business competitiveness and productivity by harnessing knowledge, technology, and skills within the UK’s knowledge base. A KTP involves a three-way collaboration between a business, a skilled graduate (known as a KTP Associate), and a university (known as the Knowledge Base) to deliver strategic, transformational innovation projects.

Chris Lane, Dean of the School of Computing and Digital Media at London Met, expressed his delight at the partnership’s success in securing a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. This collaboration promises to combine the innovative strength of Mobilise with the cutting-edge research capabilities of London Met’s computer science and applied computing experts. Together, they are poised to drive a revolution in caregiver support.

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