AI Coins vs Meme Coins – Which are the Better Investment in 2024?

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There’s been a constant push-pull between AI cryptos and meme coins this year, with each taking turns to lead crypto’s bull rallies.

But as the market teeters on another leg up, it’s time for a conclusive answer on which is the better investment.

The Technological and Cultural Paradox: AI Coins and Meme Coins Face Off

Two diverging revolutions are taking place in the crypto market.

One is the uplift of the world’s most promising technological innovation: AI.

The other is a shift away from value-based investing into hyper-speculative, grass-roots assets where value is based on community. That’s meme coins.

These are two polarizing concepts on opposing ends of the spectrum.

Glancing at their market caps, meme coins come out on top, with a $47 billion valuation, compared to the $29 billion AI market.

More to the point, CoinGecko reported that meme coins drastically outperformed AI cryptos and other industry narratives through Q1 2024.

According to the data, the meme coin sector rose by over 1,300%, while AI coins jumped by 221%.

This is bullish for meme coins, but it still does not paint the whole picture.

A big group of analysts expects the AI narrative to even the score with meme coins in the coming months.

As the tweet above illustrates, prominent analyst CryptoGodJohn believes both trends will outperform the rest of the market.

However, in another tweet, he alludes that AI cryptos will begin to outperform soon.


Alex Becker believes meme coins have already run their course, and it is time for utility cryptos (including AI) to take over.


But that’s not the entire market’s consensus. 

Another crowd leans towards meme coins outperforming.

For instance, well-known analyst Poe acknowledges that there is a lot of anticipation for AI cryptos to boom, but he only sees meme coins pumping.


Nevertheless, meme coins and AI are crypto’s best-performing sectors, and both seem to have a bright future. 

However, it remains to be seen which is the better investment. 

As such, many traders are opting for hybrid AI-meme coins.

The sector currently holds an $845 million market cap and is led by Corgi AI, which has a $388 million valuation.

But a new token called WienerAI is now launching via a presale, allowing investors to buy in from the ground floor.

WienerAI Combines Both AI & Meme Coins, Raises $6.5M Through Presale

WienerAI enables traders to invest in meme coins and AI at once.

While embracing the viral characteristics of popular meme coins, the project is building a first-in-class AI-powered trading bot.

Users can ask it questions or lay out criteria and the bot will scour the market for the best trading opportunities.

It’s like ChatGPT for trading – and that’s not to mention its cutting-edge user interface.

Users can instantly execute trades free of MEV exploits, long wait times, and exorbitant fees. They can also track their active trades and trade history from the bot’s interface.

It’s an all-in-one AI trading tool masked behind a playful meme coin exterior; that’s a powerful concept bringing together crypto’s most promising fields.

As such, the project has struck a chord with leading industry analysts. For instance, Cilinix Crypto speculates it is the best presale right now.

Investors are also buzzing about the presale, reflected in its whopping $6.5 million total raise.

The current WienerAI presale price is $0.000722, but that will rise throughout the campaign.

According to its website, the next increase will occur in 11 hours. Therefore, those seeking the best price should act fast.

Visit WienerAI Presale

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