Advertising Association Launches AI Taskforce to Promote Ethical and Transparent AI Usage in Advertising


  • Advertising Association launches AI Taskforce to ensure responsible AI use in ads, led by Google and VCCP.
  • The task force aims to promote ethics, transparency, and the UK’s global AI leadership in advertising.
  • Industry experts collaborate to guide AI policies and foster creativity for economic benefits.

In a significant development aimed at addressing the far-reaching impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the advertising and marketing sector, the Advertising Association has introduced an innovative AI task force. This initiative seeks to foster a cohesive policy approach by comprising influential representatives from within its membership. 

This underscores the urgent need to establish ethical safeguards, industry guidelines, and a collaborative partnership with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The overarching goal? To ensure that AI’s integration into advertising campaigns remains open, compliant with the law, honorable, and truthful.

Advocating ethical AI integration

The AI Taskforce, set to meet for the first time this week, operates with a clear mission: to promote responsible AI practices across all facets of the advertising and marketing sector. It intends to promote the responsible use of AI and explore how AI can boost productivity and creativity within the industry. As AI continues to gain prominence as a game-changing technology, the Taskforce aims to ascertain the productivity and creativity enhancements it can provide, fostering wider economic benefits for the UK.

Beyond its immediate goals, the task force harbors aspirations of positioning the United Kingdom as a global leader in the development and advocacy of AI in advertising and marketing. To achieve this, it seeks to raise the industry’s standards and clarify its AI ethics and usage policies. This endeavor draws inspiration from the evolving landscape of data ethics and other related fields.

The AI Taskforce will be jointly chaired by two industry giants within the Advertising Association and its Front Foot network. Google, represented by Yves Schwarzbart, Advertising Industry Relations Manager, EMEA, and VCCP, represented by Alex Dalman, Managing Partner and Head of Social Innovation, will co-chair the Taskforce. Their expertise and industry insights are expected to guide the task force effectively.

Industry insights on AI

Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association, emphasized the significance of the AI Taskforce, given the global prominence of AI in advertising. He expressed confidence in the Taskforce’s capacity to focus on the ethical use of AI in advertising while enhancing the UK’s influence in global marketing and advertising innovation. Woodford highlighted the task force’s diverse composition, bringing together technical, policy, and legal experts across the advertising, agency, platform, and media sectors.

Alex Dalman of VCCP London underscored the potential of AI to unlock creativity and innovation in advertising and marketing. He affirmed VCCP’s commitment to responsible AI usage and its participation in shaping industry conversations about policy, ethics, and societal impact. Dalman reiterated the tremendous opportunities that AI presents while maintaining a focus on responsible use.

Yves Schwarzbart of Google echoed the sentiment that AI represents one of our most profound technological shifts. He asserted that the UK advertising industry must balance boldness and responsibility in harnessing AI’s potential. Schwarzbart expressed gratitude to the Advertising Association for the opportunity to co-chair the task force and play a pivotal role in advancing discussions on AI’s collective industry voice.

The AI Taskforce is scheduled to convene for at least twelve months, with quarterly meetings planned. This extended commitment underscores the industry’s recognition of the ongoing importance of AI in shaping the future of advertising and marketing.

Building on past initiatives

The Advertising Association has been actively engaged in discussions surrounding AI’s opportunities and challenges. Aisling Conlon, the International Trade Director of the association, recently co-hosted the Creative Industries Gen AI conference in collaboration with the Department for Business and Trade. This event, held at the Emirates Stadium, explored the evolving role of AI in creative industries, reflecting the industry’s proactive approach to embracing AI innovation.

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