Advantage of Cryptocurrency Over Bank Issued Fiat Currencies

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For a long time, people who know little about crypto have  seen it as an illicit and dark entity. It is a fact that crypto is being used for illicit activities too, but it is also a fact that fiat currencies are much more involved in the same. To remove the fear of crypto and upgrade its image, Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen designed this platform.

He wants people to see crypto as a payment gateway, which  is better than the current system. To improve the rate of adoption of crypto, Majed Mohsen had introduced fascinating features into the Aurix platform.

Why do cryptocurrency overpower fiat currencies?

If we see a detailed study between crypto’s illicit usage and the usage of fiat currency to buy cannabis, a huge difference can be seen:

Advantage of Cryptocurrency Over Bank Issued Fiat Currencies 1
Advantage of Cryptocurrency Over Bank Issued Fiat Currencies 2

Source: voxeu.org

From the two figures above, it is evident that the entire fraction of crypto that is used for illicit usage barely matched the cannabis market. One can imagine the amount of fiat currency that is being currency used for illicit purposes. 

So, crypto overpowers fiat in countless ways:

  1. Crypto cannot be controlled, i.e., no one can create more whenever he or she wants to. This is why crypto is not subject to inflation and this is a huge factor for crypto adoption. Crypto has a limited supply and if anyone tries to interfere with the blockchain, the entire crypto network is designed to defend itself.
  2. Practically comparing, crypto is much more convenient because there is no need to go to a bank or ask for approvals or filling out forms. Thus, at the end of the day, crypto transactions are easier to initiate and don’t require the involvement of a third party.
  3. A bank includes unnecessary charges for each service they provide. Even a debit/credit card can sometimes involve charges. But when it comes to crypto, everything is either free or comes at minimum cost. 

Aurix Ecosystem as the new era’s monetary system

Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, with his brilliant mindset, has brought all the solutions together into a single product. Here are some of the most important elements of Aurix Ecosystem:

  1. Aurix Chain and DeFi Cashbacks: Aurix chain is the blockchain on which Aurix exchange works. It supports the Decentralised Financial services and all the transactions in a secure manner. DeFi carries the transactions independently, irrespective of the company’s operations and permissions. And this system is so powerfully designed that even if in any case Aurix ceases to exist, the chain will continue to transfer the users’ cashbacks properly.
  1. Aurix plug-ins: To adopt the cryptocurrencies in the e-commerce world, Aurix has developed a solution that befits  almost every system, i.e.,The Aurix plug-ins. It allows users and businesses to receive, accept, and adopt the cryptocurrencies in action. And that too, is for free.
  1. Aurix token and Mastercard/Visa: Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, brought Aurix token to improve the other crypto exchange tokens in the market. The company provides extra benefits to its clients while paying a merchant or a vendor using Aurix tokens like low transaction fees, cashback, and a lot more.
  1. Aurix Exchange: Aurix Exchange executes fast transactions with the highest liquidity. Users can very easily buy and sell any amount of coins in a couple of seconds. The Aurix Exchange is highly transparent and provides its users with all the necessary data on their fantastic interface.


Under the wise leadership, great vision, and creative mindset of the company’s CEO, Majed Mohsen, Aurix has overpowered the traditional banking system by establishing the Aurix ecosystem. It guarantees the most secure exchange using the Aurix chain with frequent cashback and extra benefits. They care for their users and therefore are determined to offer the best services. This system will wipe out all the inconsistencies of traditional fiat currency by ensuring the proper adoption of cryptocurrencies to make the world more independent.

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