Access Denied! Players in non-PSN-supported Countries can no longer access Helldivers 2 on Steam 

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  • Sony recently released an update requiring all players to connect a PSN account to Steam.
  • The changes in policy have divided up the community with mixed opinions from both ends; as a result, Helldivers 2 has received thousands of negative reviews, making it “Overwhelmingly Negative.”
  • The 3rd-person squad-based shooter has subsequently been removed from Steam for players in non-PSN-supported countries.

The Helldivers 2 community has been in disarray over the past couple of days following Sony’s announcement that requires all Helldivers 2 players to connect a PSN account on Steam in order to continue playing.

Helldivers 2: “Fight for Freedom Begins” Launch Trailer

During these turbulent times, the community has been evidently split, and different opinions have been expressed on social media. Most PC players and developers of the game seem to be on the same side, expressing their discontent. 

Since then, the game has received multiple negative reviews on Steam and over 170,000 negative comments on the platform, leaving its ratings at “Overwhelmingly Negative.” Johan Pilestedt has expressed his uncertainty surrounding non-PSN-supported countries.

In a Tweet, a player from an unsupported country asked what he should do about the issue. Pilestedt responded, saying he didn’t know.

What’s next for Helldivers 2 and players in non-PSN-supported countries?

There are several countries on Steam’s database that have already been marked to restrict the purchase of the game. Henceforth, the purchase button won’t be available for players residing in these countries. 

Although still unclear, it is possible that players who have already purchased the game in these restricted countries will no longer be able to launch the game. What a terrible thing to experience as a Helldivers 2 player!

The changes in policy restrict access to the game, limiting its growth – a reality possibly not encouraging to Arrow Head Studios, the developers of Helldivers 2. The update will render the Helldivers game unavailable in more than 177 countries ahead of tomorrow’s deadline, where creating PSN accounts is impossible.

As faction wars continue between different stakeholders on this issue, we’ll keep an eye on the updates, closely monitoring how the policy updates will affect Helldivers 2 players with Steam in a different region, not the same as the PlayStation.

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