Universal Robots Academy Empowers Over 200,000 Individuals in Collaborative Robotics

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  • Universal Robots Academy trains 200K+ individuals in collaborative robotics worldwide.
  • Academy’s global reach through 119 training centres highlights rising demand for cobot education.
  • The Mission of Universal Robots is to democratize automation, making it accessible to everyone.

In a transformative stride towards democratising robotics, Universal Robots, the pioneering collaborative robot (cobot) enterprise, has successfully engaged over 200,000 learners through its Universal Robots Academy. Since its inception in 2016, the academy has burgeoned in popularity, offering comprehensive robotics training through free online modules, classroom sessions, and authorized training centres across the world.

Global reach and growing demand

The Universal Robots Academy’s global reach is underscored by its presence in 119 onsite training centres scattered across diverse geographic locations. This expansive network has attracted an impressive community of robotics enthusiasts and learners, highlighting the escalating demand for proficient cobot education. Mikkel Vahl, the Global Head of Academy and Education, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It is amazing to see that so many robotics enthusiasts from all over the world have joined us to enhance their robotic skills and benefit from the training we offer.”

Empowering automation for all

Universal Robots’ overarching mission revolves around making automation accessible to everyone, regardless of location or background. The Academy plays a pivotal role in fulfilling this mission by offering high-quality training that equips learners with the skills needed to unleash the full potential of collaborative robots. With a clientele ranging from conglomerates to small-scale businesses, Universal Robots caters to various automation needs, spanning tasks such as bin picking, heavy-load palletizing, and ship welding. The curriculum of the Universal Robots Academy mirrors this diversity, offering a comprehensive spectrum of courses, from free virtual e-learning to immersive classroom training.

Success through training

Mikkel Vahl highlighted the symbiotic relationship between training and success, stating, “Customers who do take training with us are ultimately more successful and confident.” Collaborative robots, known for their user-friendly programming and operation, further underscore this point. The simplicity in operating cobots empowers various individuals, including application engineers, seasoned robotics experts, and novices entering the realm of robotics, to benefit from instructor-led training.

A real success story

One such success story emanates from Jon Gelston, the owner of Aim Processing, an injection moulding company based in Colorado. Despite his limited exposure to robot programming, Gelston successfully navigated the resources offered by the Universal Robots Academy. Gelston commended the diverse self-training modules, encompassing video tutorials and informative written content, greatly facilitating learning and application improvements. He emphasized that these resources, along with the supportive community of value-added resellers and add-on components, played a pivotal role in accomplishing his robotics project.

Looking ahead and expanding horizons

The Universal Robots Academy has drawn participants from more than 130 countries, all of whom have engaged in online courses or attended virtual and in-person training sessions conducted by proficient specialists from Universal Robots or Authorized Training Partners. Notably, North America alone boasts 28 authorized training centres offering hands-on robotics education. The academy continually enhances its offerings, with exciting updates scheduled for later in the year and into 2024.

Anticipated offerings

Among the forthcoming additions to the Universal Robots Academy, the new UR20 e-learning module is a standout, designed to educate customers in setting up and programming the latest cobot model. Additionally, new e-learning content focusing on risk assessment, a dedicated palletizing learning path, and an upgraded simulator are set to enrich the learning experience for participants. These additions underscore Universal Robots’ unwavering commitment to nurturing robotic expertise and democratising automation.

The Universal Robots Academy’s phenomenal success in empowering learners worldwide attests to its pivotal role in equipping individuals with the skills needed to harness the potential of collaborative robots. As the academy continues to evolve and expand its offerings, the future of robotics education appears brighter and more accessible than ever before.

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