Aave’s Raave most elite crypto event – Here’s why you missed out on the invite

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  • Have you heard of Raave? The highly elite and most difficult crypto event to get into? Well, here’s the crypto-tea.
  • The rave, or “raave” as it is sold to partygoers, was hosted by Stani Kulechov, the founder of Aave.
  • Why did crypto devs miss out on the highly-ranked networking event? Worry not. Devcon 7 is coming to South Asia in 2024 – Don’t miss out.

The past month has seen the entire crypto market, especially the Ethereum community, head out to Turkey Istanbul. The Ethereum Ecosystem has had back-to-back events in Istanbul with the attendance of crypto elites like Vitalik Buterin. And as they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” 

Amid DevConnect and Zuzalu, crypto techies took time to party at The Raave. As per community buzz, it is the hardest, most unique, and well-connected crypto party to get into. So what is Raave? Who was in attendance? Did you attend? How end is the networking in this event? Also, here’s why you missed out on the invite.

Have you been to a crypto’s Raave?

Merhaba! Crypto enthusiasts. There’s an unspoken rule in finance: “Your network is your net worth.” As true as this is for the traditional finance ecosystem, the same has applied to the crypto industry. 

Devconnect has been a week-long gathering of independent Ethereum events to learn, share, and make progress together. The event has run from Nov 13 to Nov 19, 2023, and within that time, ETH has made a major market recovery. 

At the time of writing, ETH’s price stands at $2,004.64 per (ETH / USD) with a current market cap of $ 241.06B USD. So what is Raave?

The rave, or “raave” as it was billed to partygoers, was hosted by Stani Kulechov, the founder of Aave, an open-source system that allows users to lend or borrow multiple cryptocurrencies. The protocol is one of the more successful decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Mr. Kulechov is from Finland, and the word “aave” is Finnish for “ghost,” which is the protocol’s log.

As it stands, one cannot attend the party without a ticket or an invite. From where I stand with the first ones invited, the party line is about 3 blocks long. What remains a sad situation is that many in the crypto community have not gotten wind of this Raave event and how beneficial it is to them, grounds networking.

Details about The Raave

Raave was held in Istanbul this year in conjunction with the Ethereum Foundation’s annual conference, a non-profit organization that brings together developers working on the second-most valuable blockchain, Ethereum. 

A Swiss DJ named Jimi Jules manned the decks. The toilets worked. Drinks were in plenty – enough to clog drainages. Tweets on X report a fan fact that the event “i heard @letsraave single-handedly started the bull run.”

The party isn’t the only sign that crypto is becoming more mature. Despite prices plummeting into the so-called “crypto winter,” the market has rebounded to a 50% industry level to its all-time high in November 2021.

The crypto ecosystem has withstood the worst regulatory stunts from the SEC, Washington D.C., and community members losing faith in the industry. The market has also survived two wars.

So, why did you miss out on the event? One, because you did not attend the DevConnect in Turkey – otherwise, you would have heard details at the event. Two, it’s not a heavily advertised event, as there is privacy among the attendees. Three, there are those who heard about the party and could not secure the tickets. Either because they came late, and it was finally heavily booked.

Every Ethereum’s DevConnect comes hand in hand with Raave. Stick around for both next years. Reports have it that Devcon 7 will be coming to South East Asia.

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