70mai Dashcams Offer 25% Discount with AI features – Revolutionize Your Road Safety

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  • 70mai Omni Dash Cam 360° is the world’s first 360° rotating dashcam with AI features and 25% discount.
  • 70mai A810 Dash Cam 4K HDR shows stellar 4K footage with Sony’s STARVIS sensor and special Christmas price.
  • 70mai A800S Dash Cam 4K UHD is Budget-friendly alternative with 3D dynamic noise reduction and discounted price. 70mai A500S Dash Cam 2.7K Ultra Full HD is Best-selling dashcam at $65.99, offering 2.7K recording and comprehensive features.

In the blink of an eye, a car covering over 50 feet at 60 mph can change lives forever. Dashcams, once reserved for law enforcement, have evolved into an essential tool for drivers worldwide. As road incidents escalate, emphasizing accountability, 70mai, a prominent dashcam manufacturer, announces an enticing 25% discount on their top-notch dashcams. Now is the opportune moment to prioritize your safety on the road by upgrading your vehicle with these cutting-edge devices.

70mai Omni dash cam 360° – A panoramic vision

The 70mai Omni Dash Cam stands as a testament to innovation, heralding the world’s first 360° rotating dashcam. Priced at $164.98 with the 25% discount, this device boasts a revolutionary design that monitors not only the front and rear but also the interior of your car. The use of best-in-class OS02K10 sensors enables FullHD 1080p@60fps recording in HDR, ensuring clarity even in low-light conditions with the Night Owl Vision feature. 

The compact display and rotating cameras leave no stone unturned, utilizing AI-powered features for motion, human, and collision detection. With an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), 24-hour smart surveillance, and a voice control system, the 70mai Omni is a comprehensive solution for vigilant road safety. The 128G version, bundled with a hardwire kit, includes essential accessories, making it an invaluable companion at a discounted price.

70mai A810 dash cam 4K HDR – Reliability in 4K

For those seeking reliability without breaking the bank, the 70mai A810 Dash Cam emerges as an ideal choice. Priced at $149.98 with the Christmas discount, this dashcam utilizes Sony’s STARVIS sensor to capture 4K footage from the front and 1080P HDR footage from the rear. The dual-channel HDR recording, coupled with a 150° FoV on the front and 130° on the back, provides a reliable wide-angle view with minimal blind spots. The device’s smart features, including 24-hour surveillance, AI-powered motion detection, and collision detection, offer a proactive approach to road safety. 

With GPS metadata accompanying the video, the A810 not only captures incidents but also ensures the validity of legal and insurance claims. The comprehensive package, complete with two cameras, mounting gear, a hardwire kit for parking surveillance, a power cord, and a car charger, makes the A810 an affordable yet robust choice for upgrading your car’s safety.

70mai A800S dash cam 4K UHD – Budget-friendly excellence

At a discounted price of $104.98, the 70mai A800S Dash Cam stands out as a compelling budget alternative without compromising on essential features. Packed with dual-channel 4K recording, Night Owl Vision, and 3D dynamic noise reduction, it ensures clear images day and night. While recording at a slightly smaller 140° FoV and 30fps, the A800S maintains its performance with AI-powered motion, human, and collision-detection features. 

The device offers 24-hour surveillance, allowing you to monitor your car even when unattended. Events are logged locally on an SD card, accessible through the 70mai smartphone app along with GPS data. With a complete package that includes dual cameras, mounts, a power cable, and a car charger, the A800S is a cost-effective solution for enhancing your car’s security.

70mai A500S dash cam 2.7K Ultra Full HD – Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Priced at $65.99, the 70mai A500S Dash Cam emerges as the best-selling option, offering budget-friendly brilliance without compromising on features. With 1944p recording capabilities, the A500S provides video footage just above FullHD (2.7K). Sony IMX335 sensors ensure stellar recording quality, especially at night, complemented by 70mai’s 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction. 

The device features a 140° FoV, parking surveillance, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), time-lapse recording, built-in GPS, and a companion app. Serving the needs of 500,000 daily users, the A500S is a testament to its reliability and comprehensive features, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking to enhance their car’s safety.

As road safety takes center stage, the opportunity to upgrade your car’s security with 70mai’s discounted dashcams is unmissable. Which 70mai dashcam suits your needs? Enhance your safety on the road, and don’t miss out on the 25% discount!

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