7 New Crypto ICOs to Invest in This June

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As the crypto market encroaches on new highs, the table is set for emerging ICOs to notch huge gains. 

With that in mind, this article looks at the best seven ICOs to buy now. We consider trends and narratives, tokenomics, use cases, market interest, and more. Let’s dig in. 


PlayDoge is our top pick of ICOs to invest in now.

By blending the viral allure of meme coins with the utility of Play-to-Earn (P2E), PlayDoge has carved itself a unique narrative, and investors are quickly taking note.

Despite launching just one week ago, funds are flooding into the PlayDoge ICO.

The campaign has already raised a staggering $1.4 million, reflecting the steadfast excitement behind its use case.

So, that brings us to what exactly PlayDoge’s use case is.

Simply put, PlayDoge is a P2E game inspired by the hit 1990s Tamagotchi game in which users would care for a digital pet, ensuring it was rested, fed, and entertained.

Through its contemporary P2E twist, PlayDoge adds economic value to caring for these pets, with users earning rewards as they interact with the game.

This use case appeals to a plethora of investors and users. It will house meme coin degens, utility-focused traders, nostalgic Tamagotchi gamers, and P2E enthusiasts under one roof.

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Sealana is a Solana-based meme coin and currently the ecosystem’s hottest ongoing presale. 

This should not be overlooked considering the spectacular success of earlier Solana presales like Book of Meme, Slerf, and Slothana.

For some perspective, BOME raised $2 million at presale and then became the fastest cryptocurrency to a $1 billion market cap after its IEO. However, Sealana has already outpaced BOME, raising $3 million.

The project features a slew of hilarious escapades, including Trump references, foul-mouthed South Park antics, and a witty back story that encapsulates the life of a Solana degen meme coin trader.

As such, the presale has fared a hit, and on-chain traders have begun to take note. In a recent analysis, Crypto Boy dubbed it a “100x presale gem.”

However, with no ICO hard cap announced, potential buyers should act quickly to avoid missing out.

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WienerAI is a new meme coin AI hybrid token launched on the Ethereum network. The ICO has raised a whopping $4 million so far.

While WienerAI’s meme coin exterior was designed to draw a crowd, its true value lies within its AI utility.

That’s because WienerAI is bringing a cutting-edge trading bot powered by AI to the market.

Users can ask it questions, and it will scour the market for the best trading opportunities.

It also alleviates the pervasive user experience issues of on-chain trading, providing MEV-resistant, instant, fee-free, and noob-friendly trade execution.

This is a much-needed leap forward for crypto mass adoption because the existing on-chain user experience is far too perplexing for the average person.

And furthering its long-term potential, WienerAI boasts a staking mechanism that currently provides a 261% APY. However, this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

So far, almost 4 billion $WAI have been staked, reflecting the community’s deep-rooted enthusiasm about the project.

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99Bitcoins Token

99Bitcoins is a renowned crypto media outlet that has recently set its sights on bolstering the industry’s collective knowledge.

Through its new Learn-to-Earn layer and accompanying 99Bitcoins token, users will get paid to learn about cryptocurrency.

The caveat is that they must hold $99BTC to access the feature, aligning the token’s demand with the platform’s popularity.

However, considering its vast news site readership, 700K YouTube subscribers, and 2.8 million email subscribers, there’s no doubt that droves of users will be queuing to use the platform.

The Learn-to-Earn layer provides modularized quizzes, courses, and tutorials that users can complete to earn XP. The more they earn, the higher up the platform’s leaderboard they go and the more $99BTC they receive.

$99BTC holders also get access to crypto trading signals, a VIP community group, staking rewards, and BRC20 tools and education.

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Mega Dice Token

Mega Dice token is the latest venture from the prominent Mega Dice casino, which boasts over 50K players and was the first to launch a fully licensed Telegram casino in 2023.

But continuing its trailblazing path, Mega Dice is working on a gamification layer, and the new Mega Dice token will be integral.

Currently, one of the main talking points of $DICE is that holders get free crypto rewards based on the casino’s success.

Given the lucrative nature of online casinos, this tokenized exposure could be another big breakthrough from Mega Dice.

Holders also get benefits like limited edition NFTs, exclusive in-game advantages, and a referral scheme.

The current Mega Dice token price is $0.075, but this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick when 28 million $DICE have sold. As it stands, that figure is at 19 million.

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BlockDAG is one of crypto’s ongoing hottest ICOs, having recently surpassed the $40 million total raised mark.

The project is a Layer 1 Proof-of-Work blockchain aiming to democratize cryptocurrency mining.

As its name suggests, it harnesses BlockDAG technology, a new approach that tackles the blockchain trilemma, providing decentralized, scalable, and secure transacting.

According to its website, users can mine BlockDAG with their smartphone, and this will not drain data or battery life. 

Indeed, with such a zealous use case, it is easy to see why the presale is gaining momentum.

Its website also claims a 10-second block confirmation time, which it says will make it the fastest PoW blockchain.

Thanks to its strong use case and presale success, the project has also been picked up by top media outlets, including Bloomberg, Cointelegraph, and Yahoo Finance.


Beer may be a solid alternative for those seeking a more nonchalant investment opportunity. This project embraces the playful degen spirit of Solana meme coins, dubbing itself “liquid gold.”

Beer is a meme coin with zero utility, and its website focuses more on light-hearted benefits, such as bringing people together and the fact that beer “tastes great.”

The ICO has just ended, having raised over 30,000 SOL.

As such, it has launched on exchanges and displayed resounding strength, indicating that the Solana community favors its laid-back antics, which could pave the way for more gains.

In addition to its DEX launches, Beer has secured listings on centralized exchanges MEXC and Bitget.

According to its website, beer holders can also win prizes. These include a Tesla Cybertruck, a VIP trip to Oktoberfest, and 100 bottles of Heineken.

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