5 Potential New Binance Listings to Watch This July

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The crypto bull run is heating up, and major exchanges like Binance are taking note. The world’s largest crypto exchange has been adding new tokens at a rapid pace in recent months, and it looks set to accelerate new listings through the summer.

New Binance listings frequently explode upwards in price after hitting the exchange, which means there are potential gains to be had for traders who can accurately predict which tokens will land on Binance next. We’ll highlight 5 rapidly growing crypto tokens that could list on Binance later this month.


PlayDoge is one of the hottest crypto presales of the summer. It’s caught the attention of many prominent crypto analysts after raising more than $5 million in its ICO and is predicted to deliver 10x gains or more after launch. Given the hype around PlayDoge, its $PLAY token is very likely on the radar of Binance’s token listing team.

PlayDoge is building a play-to-earn crypto game that blends the 1990s hit Tamagotchi with today’s ultra-popular doge meme. Players receive a virtual doge companion and earn $PLAY tokens as they care for their doge. PlayDoge users can take their virtual pet on 20 side adventures to earn even more $PLAY and spend their coins on in-game upgrades to increase their earning potential.

Tamagotchi sold more than 82 million units at its peak, and we think PlayDoge could surpass that benchmark by a wide margin. It has the potential to be the biggest play-to-earn game yet since it can appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers.

The PlayDoge presale is offering $PLAY tokens now at a discounted price of $0.00515, and early investors can fill their bags with staking rewards up to 112% APY. Don’t miss this chance to buy $PLAY today.


XRP ETF is a new meme crypto token building hype around the idea that the US SEC—which was wrapped up in a legal battle with Ripple, the company behind XRP, for several years—could soon approve an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF). The idea, which once seemed impossible, now looks much more likely since the SEC gave provisional approval to Ethereum ETFs.

XRP ETF’s price isn’t directly tied to the launch of an ETF, but the project team is building hype around this new trading product and anticipating that $XRPETF will skyrocket on positive ETF news. XRP ETF includes a news feed specifically to promote stories around the ETF approval process.

The project is also delivering impressive unrealized gains for its early investors—during the $XRPETF presale, investors can buy tokens for just $0.008, a 68% discount to the planned list price of $0.025. The team behind $XRPETF also set aside tokens to burn, increasing market scarcity and making this project more appealing for Binance to list.

Yoda on Base

Yoda on Base is another meme coin making a push to go viral. It’s based on the popular Baby Yoda character from the Star Wars universe—but instead of being green, Yoda on Base is blue in a nod to $BRETT, currently the top meme coin on the Base Layer-2.

$YODA has developed a strong community and is nearly sold out of its presale, which is taking place through the Coinbase Commerce platform. It’s one of the strongest Base meme coins we’ve seen since $BRETT and could potentially threaten that token’s dominance if $YODA lands on Binance.

Yoda on Base doesn’t have a roadmap for development, so its potential to list on Binance depends a lot on how high the token pumps after launching. If $YODA delivers a return of 10x or more in the days after it hits decentralized exchanges, look for Binance to get in on the action and make this meme coin available for trading.

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is an exciting project that’s likely already caught the attention of the listing team at Binance. It’s building an Ethereum Layer-2 based on the Pepe meme, which has spawned explosive tokens including not only $PEPE but also Book of Meme, PepeCoin, and Pepe Fork.

Pepe Unchained’s Layer-2 promises to be 100x faster than the Ethereum mainnet, a fraction of the price, and just as secure. While it’s initially launching only around its native $PEPU token, Pepe Unchained has the potential to compete with Base and Solana as the next hub for meme coin development.

The project is also building hype around its new network launch by being one of the first Layer-2 projects to offer token staking. Pepe Unchained promises ‘double rewards’ for $PEPU token holders—which translates to massive APYs up to 993% during the token presale.

The Pepe Unchained presale has raised nearly $2 million just 10 days after launching. This is one of the hottest new cryptos and traders won’t want to miss this opportunity to buy $PEPU before the price goes up.

Pegasus VC

Pegasus VC is an interesting new project that just launched its presale and has the potential to introduce a new application for cryptocurrency. The platform is essentially a VC investment firm that buys into new crypto projects at early stages in search of market-beating returns.

What makes Pegasus VC so unique is that unlike traditional VC firms, this VC fund is open to anyone. Holders of the $PGVC token get rewards from the fund’s investment returns, giving them a way to benefit from the growth of a wide range of new crypto projects. In effect, anyone can invest in crypto like an accredited investor thanks to Pegasus VC.

The $PGVC presale just started and has a hard cap of 5,000 ETH, or around $17 million. That will be the seed funding for the Pegasus VC fund. The presale is only open for 4 days, so investors don’t have much time to join. With one or two good early-stage investments, we think $PGVC could explode in price and quickly list on Binance.

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