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Blockchains are a powerful technology, and the full extent of their uses remains to be seen. 3air, a blockchain company working to connect Africa through NFT subscriptions to its internet service, will revolutionize the telecom and internet industries. 3air aims to accomplish this by using the SKALE blockchain and bringing millions of users into the global economy while keeping its services fast and affordable to avoid common downfalls of cryptocurrency.

3air uses wireless mesh hardware supplied by the proven K3 Lastmile technology to provide connectivity in Africa’s most remote regions. This technology has a 50-kilometer range and provides up to 1GBPS dedicated internet connectivity while also supplying numerous digital TV stations and IP telephony. The company will build base stations using this technology all over the continent, aiming to supply the Sub-Saharan region with internet connectivity.

Why Africa?

Internet access is sorely needed in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cities and populations have grown rapidly, but trenches and infrastructure for internet access have not been dug and are now near impossible to install in some areas. Only 0.58% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa had broadband access in 2019. Wireless technology is also sorely lacking; while 73% of users have mobile connections in Sub-Saharan Africa, only 20% of those came with internet access, as most mobile towers are outdated and only have 2G or 3G connections. With these in mind, K3 Telecom’s Last Mile technology is ideal for providing internet service to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Using NFTs to power subscriptions

After supplying these base stations, 3air will begin onboarding users with crypto-based subscriptions and a large selection of crypto-related services. NFT subscriptions will be used instead of standard subscription services to give users more power to manage their internet connection. This subscription form allows users to resell and transfer their internet services as desired without needing contracts to be canceled or rewritten.

However, this form of subscription service functions as more than just a model for the company. 3air will use this service to onboard users to web3 and empower Africans in the global economy through educational services both online and on the ground. Doing this will provide these users with more than enough knowledge to use web3 fully.

3air’s services also extend to the unbanked. 57% of Africans do not hold any kind of bank account, whether local or digital. The company aims to provide microfinance through its blockchain in the form of micro-loans and cryptocurrency wallets, as well as business and web3 education. These educational services will also extend beyond the scope of 3air, teaching users how to interact with web3 as a whole instead of only the company. With these all combined, those who use 3air’s services will become empowered to the level of the global economy.

SKALE’s blockchain is ideal for the services 3air will provide. Transaction speeds and high gas fees are the most common issues with large-scale cryptocurrency operations, and these problems are unacceptable for Sub-Saharan Africa. SKALE will provide these services with the lowest possible fees and exceptionally fast process times, allowing the company to provide internet and banking services at the cheapest cost to the community. Empowering Africa is 3air’s primary goal, and the company has a well-rounded roadmap for achieving its goals.

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