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NFTs are usually associated with questionable art and high prices. However, NFTs have exceptional use beyond these purposes as a unique, transferable token. 3air.io is planning on using its NFTs to give its users access to internet subscriptions, allowing Sub-Saharan Africans to receive internet services without unnecessary, long contracts that could be more expensive than necessary through the usual telecom companies. Here’s how:

NFT subscription services can bridge the gap between users and companies. NFTs function as unique identifier tokens and can be tied to anything, such as a subscription to a service. This subscription method offers multiple benefits; users can transfer, buy, and sell these services as desired without worrying about lengthy contracts. Nobody ever has to go through the process of canceling a service; you either sell your NFT on a decentralized marketplace or transfer it to another user, such as a family member, a friend, or a new tenant.

These NFT-based subscription services come with many benefits, the most important of which is ownership. You own your subscription, not the company. As such, you keep full control of any data surrounding the subscription. Where you live, who you are, and what you do are all completely under your control to share or simply keep private. This ownership is what allows customers to transfer or sell their subscription as they please, as the data tying that NFT to you is entirely under your control. Your financial data is in your hands.

Being able to retain your financial info comes with a large variety of benefits. The most important of these, of course, is privacy. These NFTs only detail what service you receive and that you indeed paid for this service. Any company you have an NFT-based subscription for cannot sell your data to advertisers, keeping who you are private, as they simply don’t have access to that data. If you want to sell your data, you can do it on your own terms and get paid for it instead of the company selling it in your place.

3air aims to use NFTs to provide internet subscription services. First, the company will install base centers in Africa that use wireless mesh technology to provide long-range, high-speed internet. Then, using the SKALE blockchain, the company will offer NFTs for its subscription service, empowering its users with all the benefits of NFTs. In addition, 3air’s tokens are community tokens, giving users the power to vote for what upgrades and services they want the company to work on next.

NFTs provide significant power to the customer, giving users privacy, ownership over their subscriptions, and the ability to control their financial data as they please, whether by keeping their privacy or selling it on their own terms. 3air aims to use these as they provide internet service across the Sub-Saharan African continent in order to empower Africans as much as possible and provide as many advantages for developing nations to connect to the global economy.

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