3 Innovative Ways to Make Businesses More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

3 Innovative Ways to Make Businesses More Sustainable and Eco Friendly


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In the past several years, sustainability has been a big and important issue. Homeowners look for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient to reduce their carbon footprint. Meanwhile, business owners and executives look for ways to make their operations more sustainable. 

In a business perspective, sustainable development refers to the ability for a business to keep on growing, while maintaining financial stability and minimizing negative environmental and societal impacts. Developing your business towards sustainability does more than helping the environment. This strategy can also potentially help to reduce operational costs, control risks, improve reputation, and acquire new business opportunities. For instance, you can reduce your usage of raw, nonrenewable resources and switch to renewable alternatives that can be used more than once or for other purposes. There are also different ways to maintain sustainable business operations that aim to aid in minimizing or eliminating wastage of time, energy, money, and resources. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the three innovative ways through which businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, decrease environmental impact, and maintain sustainability. 

Blockchain Technology for Smarter and More Efficient Supply Chains

Supply Chain 4.0 — This is considered as today’s most prominent advancement in the world of the supply chain. It boasts of the ability to utilize the application of the Internet of Things, advanced robotics, and data analytics. Supply Chain 4.0 involves the automation of every phase of the supply chain, which is achieved by creating networks everywhere, placing sensors and analyzing everything all to improve business performance and customer satisfaction. 

This digitally-based supply chain technology will have businesses do away with paper completely. Aside from convenience and data security, these are the benefits of using digital blockchain technology:

  • It is permanent.
  • It is traceable.
  • It is ethical, honest, and sustainable. 
  • It can forecast and instantly solve problems within the supply chain. 
  • It can predict future environmental impact, allowing businesses to mitigate negative results even before they happen.
  • It can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, reducing energy and resources usage.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques and Technologies

When advanced manufacturing is discussed, automation instantly comes to mind. True enough, advanced manufacturing widely involves the utilization of automation but it also covers other things and processes, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and more. 

Advanced manufacturing technologies are all about improving efficiency, safety, and accountability by switching to digital solutions wherever possible and applicable. Advanced, digital-based manufacturing reduces the human footprint, minimizing the impact of manual labor on workers and communities. Advanced manufacturing also aims to utilize environment-friendly technologies that are powered by renewable energy.

Renewable Energy in Technologies

The use of renewable energy to fuel technologies can benefit in many ways. Because many technologies used in manufacturing industries rely heavily on fuel, this means that more fuel needs to be mined and sourced constantly. This also means that more gases and toxins are released into the air. The use of renewable energy allows industries to minimize dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, allowing the planet to recover lost resources. Renewable energy is also generally less harmful to the environment. 

Renewable energy sources include solar, hydro, and wind power. Even if a business doesn’t eliminate the use of their current energy source, but back their operations with renewable energy, they can improve and grow without the increased environmental footprint.

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