Financial platform 2gether now supports DAI stablecoin

Ethereum blockchain-based DAI stablecoin becomes the first-ever decentralized token supported financial platform 2gether, according to the official blog post dated 29th October 2019. 

The next-generation financial services platform, 2gether, is also the world’s first collaboration that lets you spend cryptocurrencies as quickly as euros, provided you have a Visa card. Based on the futuristic technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, it aims to replace the traditional banking structure with an evolving platform that strives to suit changing consumer needs. The latest move towards diversifying its crypto portfolio is the addition of Dai stablecoin.

What’s unique about Dai stablecoin?

For those who haven’t heard or read much about Dai – it is an indemnity-backed stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US dollar, making it both decentralized as well as stable at the same time. Ethereum-based smart contract platform, Maker, brings stability to the value of Dai through a combination of dynamic systems and appropriately stimulated external factors.

Once Dai is generated on a maker platform, it can be as easily used as any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. One can choose to send it to others, use it as a payment method for goods and services, or simply trade it. Options are many. But what makes it stand out is its ability to create an entirely decentralized robust lending platform.

2gether embraces Dai

Following the addition, 2gether users can now spend Dai wherever Visa cards are accepted, without having to worry about any transaction fee or compatibility.

Moreover, they will also be able to sell and buy thirteen different cryptocurrencies, now including Dai, with a few clicks on the phone. Sending Dai to other 2gether users or external addresses becomes convenient and faster than ever.

2gether believes that the key to a financial overhaul is a decentralized economy and thus, the addition of Dai, takes it one step closer to its mission. Besides, the addition of Dai also brings with it a group of fledgling crypto fans and commercial users that will help 2gether bridge the gap between traditional economy and a new economy based on virtual currencies.