ZachXBT’s deactivation spurs impersonation scams


  • ZachXBT’s absence triggers impersonation scams.
  • Impersonators deceive users with phishing tactics.
  • Caution and verification are vital in cryptocurrency.

In the wake of ZachXBT’s decision to deactivate his official social media account, a wave of fraudulent impersonators has emerged, exploiting the absence of the prominent blockchain investigator. 

These impersonators have been reported for attempting to scam unsuspecting individuals in the cryptocurrency community. Wallet Guard executive Michael Khekoian raised the alarm on this issue, emphasizing the need for vigilance among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

ZachXBT’s deactivation sparks impersonation scam surge

Michael Khekoian, the partnership director at Web3 security firm Wallet Guard, recently took to social media to alert his followers to a concerning trend. Various platforms proliferated fraudulent accounts after ZachXBT’s decision to deactivate his official account. 

These impersonators have attempted to dupe users by posing as the well-known blockchain investigator. Khekoian remarked that multiple accounts have emerged, mimicking ZachXBT’s display name and claiming to offer assistance to users.

These impostors seek to manipulate individuals facing cryptocurrency-related issues, exploiting their vulnerabilities for personal gain. Khekoian’s warning is a stark reminder of the risks associated with engaging with unknown accounts on social media platforms.

The impersonation threat and its implications

Impersonating prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space is not a new phenomenon. Fraudsters have long sought to exploit the trust and credibility associated with well-known individuals. In the case of ZachXBT, the impersonation threat has taken on a new dimension following the deactivation of his official account.

These impersonators often employ various tactics to deceive users, including sharing phishing links and promoting scams. Unsuspecting individuals who engage with these fraudulent accounts may find themselves falling victim to financial losses and other forms of exploitation.

Therefore, it is imperative for users to exercise caution and remain vigilant when interacting with accounts claiming to be influential figures like ZachXBT.

ZachXBT’s previous legal battle

ZachXBT’s investigative work in the cryptocurrency space has not been without controversy. Earlier this year, he found himself embroiled in a legal battle with Jeffrey Huang, also known as MachiBigBrother on Twitter. Huang accused ZachXBT of damaging his reputation through false allegations and subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

While the specifics of the allegations were not disclosed in Huang’s tweet, it is worth noting that ZachXBT had previously published an article titled “22,000 ETH Embezzled and Over Ten Projects Failed: The Story of Machi Big Brother (Jeff Huang)” in June 2022. This article garnered significant attention in the cryptocurrency community and may have contributed to the legal dispute between the two parties.

Remaining cautious in the crypto community

The risks associated with scams and fraudulent activities have become increasingly prevalent as the cryptocurrency ecosystem grows. Impersonation scams, like the ones targeting ZachXBT’s followers, underscore the importance of remaining cautious and skeptical when navigating this space.

Users are advised to verify the authenticity of accounts, especially when dealing with sensitive financial matters. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and refrain from sharing personal or financial information with unknown individuals. By adopting a vigilant approach, individuals can mitigate the risks associated with cryptocurrency-related scams and impersonation attempts.

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