China’s yuan secures fourth place in global payments


  • China’s yuan has overtaken the Japanese yen to become the fourth most-used currency in global payments.
  • The yuan’s share in global payments rose to 4.6%, trailing only the pound sterling, euro, and US dollar.
  • Lower interest rates in China have made the yuan more appealing for international trade finance.
  • The yuan’s rise reflects Beijing’s efforts to enhance its international profile and reduce reliance on the US dollar.

China’s yuan, also known as the renminbi, has ascended to the fourth most-used currency in global payments, surpassing the Japanese yen. This development, reported by Swift, the international payments platform, indicates a significant shift in the global economic landscape.

As of November, the yuan’s share in global payments surged to 4.6%, up from 3.6% a month earlier. This rise places the yuan behind the pound sterling, euro, and US dollar, reshaping the hierarchy of global currencies.

The yuan’s climb to this prominent position comes amidst China’s lower interest rates, boosting its appeal for financing international trade. Despite the yuan’s performance as one of the worst-performing global currencies this year, falling about 3.5% against the dollar, its increasing role in global finance marks a pivotal moment. Beijing’s concerted efforts to elevate the yuan’s international profile are part of a broader strategy to reduce the risks posed by the US dollar’s longstanding dominance in global finance.

The Yuan in Trade Finance

A critical factor in the yuan’s ascent has been China’s competitive interest rates, which have become a driving force in the realm of trade finance. While these rates have led to foreign investor outflows from China’s bond market, they have simultaneously made the yuan more attractive for international trade. The yuan’s expanding role is evident in Swift’s trade finance figures, where its share rose to 5.7% in November, surpassing the euro for the first time since September.

Despite lagging significantly behind the dollar, which dominates over 80% of the global trade financing market, the yuan’s new status as a preferred currency for trade finance is indicative of shifting market dynamics. The lower financing costs associated with the yuan have started to make it an attractive option for China’s trading partners. This shift is not just about economics; it’s a sign of changing geopolitical currents and China’s growing influence in global markets.

Geopolitical Shifts and Future Prospects

The yuan’s rise in global payments, especially in the context of trade finance, is intertwined with broader geopolitical developments. The imposition of western sanctions on countries like Russia has led to heightened awareness among global economies about the potential weaponization of the dollar. This situation, coupled with long-term trends in trade flows, is accelerating the adoption of the yuan.

The increasing use of the yuan for settlements within Asia and with economies heavily reliant on Chinese demand is reshaping global financial networks. This trend points to a more multipolar world where reliance on the dollar is gradually diminishing, and currencies like the yuan are gaining prominence.

In the end, yuan’s emergence as the fourth most-used currency in global payments marks a significant shift in the international financial order. Its growing role in global trade finance, bolstered by China’s lower interest rates and strategic geopolitical maneuvers, reflects the changing tides in global currency markets. As the yuan continues to solidify its position, the global financial landscape is likely to witness further transformations, underscoring the evolving nature of economic power and influence in the 21st century.

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