Young Indian Entrepreneurs Secure Investment from OpenAI’s Sam Altman

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  • 19-year-old Indian duo secures investment from OpenAI’s Sam Altman for their AI-powered browser, showcasing the power of persistence.
  • Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak’s journey from persistent networking to securing major tech backing highlights unconventional success.
  • Induced AI, backed by industry giants, is poised to make a significant impact in the tech world, driven by young entrepreneurial spirit.

San Francisco – In a remarkable tale of perseverance and ambition, two 19-year-old Indian entrepreneurs, Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak, have managed to secure a significant investment from Sam Altman, the renowned figure behind OpenAI, for their AI-powered browser system.

From persistent emails to face-to-face meetings

Sharma’s journey began at the tender age of 14 when he started reaching out to influential personalities in the tech industry, seeking guidance and mentorship. While many of these industry stalwarts asked him to cease his persistent emails, Sharma’s determination never waned.

Years of relentless networking and attending events in San Francisco, where the duo temporarily resided with friends, finally paid off. Their consistent efforts put them on the radar of some of the most influential figures in the AI ecosystem.

The pivotal meeting with Altman

The turning point for Sharma and Pathak came when they finally secured a meeting with Sam Altman. Instead of pitching their business idea directly, Sharma made an unconventional proposal. He offered to serve as Altman’s secretary, not for monetary gains, but to gain invaluable insights by observing the tech magnate’s daily operations and decision-making processes.

This unique approach left an impression on Altman, and the duo kept in touch with him. When the time came for funding rounds for their AI platform, Induced AI, they reached out to Altman, who saw potential in their vision and decided to back their venture.

The next big thing in AI-powered browsers

Induced AI, the brainchild of Sharma and Pathak, is an innovative AI-powered browser system designed to streamline and automate tasks. While the specifics of the platform remain under wraps, the buzz around it has been growing, especially with the backing of industry giants.

A galaxy of tech stars backing induced AI

Altman’s investment was just the beginning. Sharma and Pathak’s venture, Induced AI, has since attracted attention and funding from several notable personalities in the tech world. Peak XV, Daniel Gross, and an AI grant from Nat Friedman are among the prominent backers who have shown faith in the young entrepreneurs’ vision.

The power of networking and determination

The success story of Sharma and Pathak serves as a testament to the power of networking, determination, and a bit of creative thinking. Their journey from sending unsolicited emails to tech moguls to securing multi-million dollar investments for their startup is nothing short of inspirational.

In an era where young entrepreneurs often seek shortcuts to success, the duo’s approach of building genuine relationships and learning from industry leaders stands out. Their story underscores the importance of persistence, believing in one’s vision, and the willingness to take unconventional routes to achieve one’s goals.

As Induced AI gears up to make its mark in the tech world, the industry will be keenly watching. With the backing of some of the biggest names in AI and technology, expectations are high. However, if Sharma and Pathak’s past endeavors are anything to go by, they are well-equipped to rise to the challenge and make Induced AI a household name in the near future.

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