Yellow.ai Launches AI-Powered Email Automation for Enhanced Customer Support


  • Yellow.ai’s Email Automation manages 80% of emails, enhancing support.
  • Solution reduces ticket volumes and operational costs significantly.
  • Features include automated workflow triggering and agent assist.

In a significant move to redefine customer support dynamics, Yellow.ai, a frontrunner in generative AI-powered customer service automation, announced the launch of its Email Automation solution. This innovative offering is set to revolutionize how businesses handle email-based customer inquiries by autonomously managing 80% of incoming emails. The solution, which supports multiple languages, is integrated with Yellow.ai’s comprehensive omnichannel customer service platform, ensuring a seamless and personalized support experience.

Transforming email-based customer support

Despite the preference of many consumers for email communication, businesses frequently encounter challenges in efficiently managing email inquiries. Instances of customers feeling ignored or queries not being addressed adequately on the first interaction have financial implications due to poor service. The introduction of Yellow.ai’s Email Automation aims to tackle these challenges head-on by enhancing the customer experience through effective email support.

The technology underpinning this solution, powered by Large Language Models (LLM), enables it to understand complex, unstructured emails. It can accurately identify multiple intents, infer the email’s object and urgency, and deliver contextual responses based on user insights. This capability not only reduces ticket volumes by up to 80% but also improves first contact resolution by up to 20%, significantly reducing operational costs by minimizing the expenses associated with hiring and training additional agents.

Revolutionizing customer service with email automation

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-Founder of Yellow.ai, highlighted the urgent need for efficient email query management solutions. “Industry surveys reveal that 62% of companies do not respond to customer service emails, and the average response time is around 12 hours, which significantly impacts the customer experience,” Ravinutala stated. The Email Automation solution by Yellow.ai, powered by its proprietary LLM, YellowG, aims to address this gap by providing highly accurate and contextually relevant responses, boasting a hallucination rate below one percent.

The Email Automation feature brings several advancements to customer support teams, including:

Automated workflow triggering: Utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to initiate workflows based on email intent, streamlining query resolution.

– Agent assist: Offers generative-AI powered response assistance for human agents, enabling 30% quicker replies without sacrificing accuracy.

– Simplified classification: Automatically categorizes incoming emails by intent, urgency, and customer segment, reducing manual prioritization efforts by human agents by 30%.

– Seamless integrations: Integrates with leading ticketing and CRM systems, enhancing personalized customer resolutions and facilitating automated ticket creation and prioritization.

Jessica Osborn, Sr. Manager of IT Operations at Randstad USA, commended Yellow.ai’s Email Automation as a “game-changer for businesses,” highlighting its ability to leverage LLMs for intent identification, response generation, and escalation.

About Yellow.ai

Yellow.ai stands at the forefront of driving the future of fully autonomous customer support, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Based in San Mateo, Yellow.ai serves over 1100 enterprises across 85+ countries, including notable clients like Sony, Domino’s, and Hyundai. The platform’s architecture is built on multi-LLM and is continuously trained on over 16 billion conversations annually, enabling businesses to deliver superior experiences and foster lasting customer relationships. Since its inception in 2016, Yellow.ai has expanded its global footprint with offices in six countries and raised over $102 million from prominent investors.

This launch marks a pivotal moment for businesses seeking to optimize their email support operations. Yellow.ai’s Email Automation not only promises an improved customer experience but also sets a new standard for operational efficiency in the digital age. To explore this transformative solution, interested parties are encouraged to book a demo via Yellow.ai’s website.

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