Would Bitcoin go as low as $3020 before 2019 starts?

This year has been an incredibly rough for crypto space as it suffered major losses and lack of momentum in the market. The currencies have collapsed, and the current market cap had fallen to about a hundred and four billion dollars as compared to the start of 2018 when it was about eight hundred and thirty billion dollars ($830 billion). The declining of rates continues, but this is not the center of focus for the crypto community. It is, however, focusing more on getting ready for the opportunities and advancements the next year will bring. The next year looks promising as many major project launches will occur within the crypto space.

A report suggests that more users are joining the crypto trend and this is resulting in an increase of momentum in the market.

Co-founder of Tezos said that price is not a standard to know the worth of concept and technology, it is merely a distraction for smaller minds. She holds great faith in the crypto technology and says that it holds a lot of potentials.

The Blockchain program lead also shows similar views at JP Morgan Chase. She thinks that it is necessary to look at the bigger picture and how this new technology will reform the financial infrastructure. The price of crypto currently holds no value. Its true value lies in the benefits and productivity it will proffer with time.

Even the critics are acknowledging the worth and potential of crypto technology — the professor of economics and public policy of Harvard University. He shared his views on the trends and stated that crypto might be worthless, but the worth of these coins is not completely 0. He says that it is difficult to currently imagine that these coins will be worth a lot someday but there is a chance that they might be worth a lot in the future.