With Bonk, Myro, and Pepe Cooling Down: Is This The Next Big Meme?


  • Meme coins like Bonk, Myro, and Pepe on Solana had explosive growth, but now they’re cooling down.
  • Investors are eyeing NuggetRush as the next big thing, with its impressive presale performance and innovative features like play-to-earn gaming and NFTs.
  • Pepe’s price is falling, Myro is volatile but has potential, and Bonk’s bullish momentum is fading, leaving investors uncertain about its future.

Meme coins built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain have been pumping throughout the early stages of their development. Some of the most impressive performers are Bonk (BONK), Myro (MYRO), and Pepe (PEPE). They’ve all delivered five-digit surges or more since they launched, crowning them as high-performing meme coins. Now, the momentum is cooling, pushing investors in search of the best crypto to invest in.

The go-to meme coin that has been gaining traction is NuggetRush (NUGX). Investors have been trooping into the token’s presale to maximize the cryptocurrency’s explosive potential. NuggetRush introduces GameFi, Web3, and staking to its platform. Since the NUGX token runs the project, investors are interested in its potential to be the next big thing, thanks to its multiple utility capabilities.

Let’s explore NuggetRush’s potential to be the next explosive meme coin now that Bonk, Myro, and Pepe are cooling down.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Delivers A Stunning Presale Performance Before Listing

Thanks to NuggetRush’s presale, NUGX has now gained a new status as the best crypto to invest in. When the presale started, NUGX was worth $0.010, but now it has risen to $0.018, delivering 80% profits to investors who took the opportunity when it was at its lowest discount. People who missed out on the early rounds still have the chance to earn 11% profits if they buy into the crypto ICO before the token is listed on decentralized exchanges. 

In addition to delivering one of the most impressive crypto ICO performances this year, NUGX holders can earn thousands of dollars by playing its highly anticipated play-to-earn gaming experience. Players are tasked with creating avatars that let them mine for in-game assets. These assets can then be traded for money. This approach benefits gamers and skilled miners looking to earn without the risk of traditional mining.

For Web3 users, NuggetRush uses the in-game characters as highly valuable NFTs. Players can choose to trade them on the P2P marketplace. This feature has increased NuggetRush’s investment base, as players lucky enough to find the rare RUSHGEMS NFT can exchange it for real gold. These benefits make NuggetRush’s collectibles the best NFTs for investors looking for high-income digital investments.

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Pepe (PEPE) Price Surge Slows Down Amidst Bearish Struggle

As of last year, Pepe was one of the most promising Solana memecoins. It kept logging impressive growth in value and investor interest. Pepe is wrestling with lows as the bearish downturn hinders its performance. In January alone, PEPE declined by 18%. Pepe‘s fall has put investors on edge. 

On-chain activity shows that the previously growing Pepe trend has started leveling, suggesting that many holders are selling their tokens. Although market analysts are confident that PEPE could pull off a recovery, the road ahead is a hard one. Investors are optimistic about a strong use case to be introduced into the token, with hopes that utility will help the performance of PEPE over time.

Myro (MYRO) Still Has Upside Potential Despite Price Decline 

Myro exploded with the hype surrounding Solana memecoins in January. Its rapid, bullish move saw the token hit highs while delivering more than 1500% returns. Love for the token’s namesake dog fueled the token’s rise to success. But Myro has been volatile lately. 

This month, the token MYRO has dropped more than 20% in price, raising fears that Myro could revisit old lows. Since investing in meme coins always comes with uncertainty, investors are slowly pulling out of the token. Fortunately, Myro is still in its early stages, and unlike its counterparts, it still has heights to reach now that Solana is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency platform by market cap.

Bonk’s (BONK) Bullish Momentum Winds Down As Price Falls

Bonk‘s growth was one of the most impressive moves for a long time, earning it the support of cryptocurrency investors from all over. Investors generally believed that the token had the potential to rival top meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and  Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

Unfortunately, BONK holders have been dismayed lately, with Bonk suffering a bearish decline. Bonk peaked in December but was immediately subjected to a strong selloff. Bonk’s current price places it over 70% of its highs. Since BONK started falling, experts have refused to chime in, mainly due to price evidence that shows that BONK is on a downtrend.

Final Thoughts

While Bonk, Myro, and Pepe have been making things happen, the once impressive bullish rally is slowing down. Investors have started moving to NuggetRush with hopes of recovering lost gains. NUGX has teased its potential to deliver on promised gains with its presale surge of 80%. The platform’s millions of dollars in funding position it as the next big meme coin to explode. The platform also offers the best NFTs to invest in, and investors are advised to take advantage of the current discount price before NUGX sells out.

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