Witch Rise: A Magical Adventure in a Pixelated Kingdom Arrives on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

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  • Witch Rise is a cute, non-violent first-person shooter with a magical world, piglet curse, and character leveling.
  • Enjoy adorable 2D visuals in a 3D setting while battling the Fallen Witch and seeking four magic staffs.
  • Play Witch Rise on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch for a charming and magical adventure.

Ratalaika Games brings a delightful new gaming experience to consoles with Witch Rise, a first-person shooter set in a charming and magical kingdom. In this captivating adventure, players assume the role of a young girl transformed into a piglet by the wicked Fallen Witch. 

Witch Rise offers a no-frills, fast-paced journey through a lush 3D world featuring cute and colorful aesthetics, non-violent gameplay, and an intriguing leveling system.

A magical tale unfolds

Witch Rise, the latest creation from indie game publisher Ratalaika Games, invites players to embark on a captivating journey into a magical realm filled with wonder and challenges. The game follows the story of a sweet, innocent young girl who falls victim to the vicious Fallen Witch’s curse, transforming her into a piglet. 

Players must uncover the four magic staffs and confront the sinister Fallen Witch to break the curse and regain her human form.

Witch Rise pays homage to old-school classics, offering a retro-styled presentation that will resonate with traditional gaming fans. The game’s visuals feature adorable 2D-pixel art set against a vibrant 3D world, creating a unique and visually appealing atmosphere. 

While it may embrace classic aesthetics, Witch Rise introduces a fresh perspective to the gaming experience. It stands out by adopting a non-violent gameplay style and incorporating a leveling system that enhances the protagonist’s strength by increasing maximum HP and MP.

Explore enchanting biomes

Players will traverse through four distinct biomes, each teeming with adorable 2D sprites, as they delve into the magical world of Witch Rise. The enchanting landscapes within these biomes serve as the backdrop for players to explore, overcome various challenges, and engage in combat against formidable foes. 

With multiple alternative paths to choose from, the adventure promises a captivating and immersive experience.

In Witch Rise, magic plays a pivotal role in the gameplay. Players will harness magical abilities to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and engage in combat encounters. 

The leveling system offers a unique twist, allowing the main character to enhance strength by gradually increasing HP and MP. This progression adds depth and strategy to the game, ensuring players must continuously adapt and evolve their approach.

Join the adventure

Witch Rise invites players to embark on a whimsical and magical journey as they strive to unravel the mysteries surrounding the curse and the Fallen Witch. Whether you choose to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch, the adventure awaits. The game is now available for purchase from major retailers and digital stores.

Xbox players can conveniently download Witch Rise from the Xbox Store for the affordable price of £4.99, offering an accessible entry point to this enchanting adventure.

A delightful blend of genres

Witch Rise seamlessly blends elements of first-person shooter gameplay with medieval fantasy-inspired themes. This fusion of genres provides players with a unique and engaging gaming experience. 

As they explore the lush 3D world, engage in magical battles, and uncover the story’s secrets, players will immerse themselves in a captivating adventure that offers both challenge and charm.

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