WISE 11 Summit to Explore the AI Horizon in Education with 2000 Stakeholders


  • Over 2000 stakeholders and 100 experts to gather at WISE 11 in Doha.
  • Summit explores AI in education under the theme ‘Creative Fluency: Human Flourishing in the Age of AI.’
  • Shahin Ammane, Director at WISE, emphasizes fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s potential and challenges.

The World Innovation Summit for Education, WISE 11, is poised to assemble over 2000 stakeholders and 100 experts from local, regional, and international spheres. Taking center stage at the Qatar National Convention Centre from November 28-29, the summit will delve into the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, exploring its potential and associated risks.

This pivotal event under the theme ‘Creative Fluency: Human Flourishing in the Age of AI’ promises a transformative experience with an extensive program featuring core sessions, experiential activities, and the unveiling of seven research papers addressing diverse challenges in education.

The summit’s core focus

Under the guiding hand of Shahin Ammane, Director at WISE, this year’s summit aims to foster a deeper understanding of AI’s potential and challenges. Ammane emphasizes the need to empower stakeholders to navigate an AI-driven future and catalyze partnerships for research-based AI integration in global education. The summit’s key takeaways are expected to inform policy recommendations, guiding the development of education policies beyond the event. Ammane envisions a collaborative effort to collate these takeaways, establishing a working group to oversee policy recommendations developed during WISE 11.

Thematic tracks and objectives

The summit’s core lies in six thematic tracks, each featuring a panel discussion, a masterclass, and a policy roundtable. Addressing crucial topics such as the future of classrooms, digital sovereignty in education, ethical AI, rethinking higher education in an AI-driven world, scaling for equity and access, and system transformations in education, these tracks set the stage for a collective examination of AI’s role in educational settings. Ammane stresses the need to encourage key stakeholders to comprehend and leverage AI’s transformative power.

Ammane expressed confidence that the interactive discussions and knowledge exchange at WISE 11 would serve as a catalyst, fostering connections and partnerships among innovators, educators, and decision-makers. This collaborative effort is geared towards devising AI-centered solutions to address the urgent challenges faced in the realm of education.

The WISE prize for education and dynamic components of WISE 11

The summit also holds a promise of recognizing outstanding contributions to education through the WISE Prize for Education, with the laureate receiving not only the prestigious award but also a substantial $500,000. The impressive lineup of speakers, including Nina Schick, a pioneer in generative AI, and Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, adds to the summit’s vibrancy.

The Youth Studio, featuring sessions curated by young voices, and an open policy roundtable on EdTech testbeds, further contribute to the diversity and richness of the summit. Ammane notes that AI-centered tools can play a pivotal role in generating data, supporting decision-making, and strengthening education systems. This theme will be explored in-depth during the panel discussion titled “Breaking Boundaries: Is AI the Key to Ensuring Next-Gen Education Access?”

Reflecting on challenges and opportunities

Ammane also reflects on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, highlighting positive trends such as increased receptiveness to technology, a greater focus on mental health, and a reevaluation of structured education pathways.

As WISE 11 brings together a diverse array of stakeholders, the question lingers: Can this collaborative effort truly unlock the potential of AI in education, paving the way for a future where technology complements human capabilities seamlessly? The summit’s rich and engaging program, coupled with the collective expertise and insights of participants, holds the promise of shaping the trajectory of education in the age of AI.

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