Windows 11 KB5032288 Update – Empowering Copilot and Resolving 11 Bugs


  • Microsoft’s latest KB5032288 Windows 11 preview update focuses on enhancing the Copilot AI assistant, bringing improvements such as multi-display support and thumbnail previews in the Alt+Tab dialog.
  • Users with a Windows local account now have a limit of ten assistance requests from Copilot before needing to log in with a verified account.
  • Alongside Copilot enhancements, the update addresses 11 bugs, including issues with Windows Spotlight, File Explorer windows unexpectedly appearing in the foreground, and Microsoft Store app responsiveness problems.

In a development for Windows 11, Microsoft has rolled out the KB5032288 update, designed to bolster the capabilities of the Copilot AI assistant and address eleven persistent bugs. This update, released as part of the November 2023 preview, introduces key improvements to Copilot’s functionality, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Copilot takes center stage

Following the installation of the KB5032288 preview update, Copilot, Windows 11’s AI-powered digital assistant, takes center stage with notable enhancements. Enabled by default on systems running Windows 11 23H2, Copilot can now seamlessly extend its support across multiple displays. Also, users will witness Copilot’s presence as a thumbnail preview in the Alt+Tab dialog, providing quick access and a visual overview of ongoing assistance.

For those utilizing a Windows local account, a new limitation is introduced. Copilot assistance requests are capped at ten, prompting users to log in with a verified account once this threshold is reached. Also, the update aims to enhance the speed at which Copilot opens from the taskbar, ensuring a swift and responsive user experience.

Users eager to explore the latest features can easily access the November 2023 preview release by navigating to Settings > Windows Update and selecting ‘Download and install’ after checking for updates. Alternatively, manual installation is possible by downloading the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog, providing users with flexibility in managing their system updates.

Additional improvements and bug fixes

Beyond the Copilot enhancements, the KB5032288 update addresses eleven bugs, delivering a smoother and more reliable Windows 11 experience. Some noteworthy fixes include potential occurrences of Windows Spotlight becoming the default background, unexpected foreground appearances of File Explorer windows, and unresponsiveness in Microsoft Store apps.

The update also resolves issues related to IE mode, preventing it from freezing when multiple IE mode tabs are open. Microsoft has detailed the complete list of fixes and improvements in the KB5032288 support bulletin, offering transparency about the changes introduced with this preview update.

In a parallel move, Microsoft extends the Copilot AI assistant to Windows 10 systems with the KB5032278 November 2023 preview update. But, it’s worth noting that the upcoming December 2023 preview updates will be skipped, resuming the regular release cycle in January 2024 due to reduced operations during the Western holidays and the new year. Microsoft assures users of a monthly security release for December 2023, maintaining a commitment to security even during the pause in non-security preview releases.

Microsoft announces a halt to optional preview releases for Windows 11 22H2 after February 2024. Despite this, the company remains dedicated to providing cumulative monthly security updates for this version, ensuring the ongoing security and stability of Windows 11 systems.

Copilot’s impact and user perspectives in Windows 11

As Windows 11 continues to evolve with cutting-edge updates, the KB5032288 release stands out for its focus on the Copilot AI assistant and comprehensive bug fixes. Users can anticipate a more seamless and responsive interaction with Copilot across multiple displays, along with a range of resolved issues contributing to an overall enhanced user experience. With Microsoft’s commitment to regular updates and security, the Windows 11 ecosystem is poised for continued refinement.

Looking forward, as Copilot becomes an integral part of the Windows experience, how do you envision the role of AI assistants shaping the future of operating systems, and what features would you like to see integrated in future updates? Share your thoughts and ideas, as user feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of Windows development.

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