Windows 11 Paint App Receives Boost with Dall-E 3 AI Integration


  • Windows 11 Paint now has Cocreator, an AI tool creating images from user descriptions. Rollout is ongoing, and there’s a tutorial for beginners.
  • Cocreator from Bing AI is now part of Paint in Windows 11, offering an easy image creation experience. Users are urged to update and join a waiting list if prompted.
  • Microsoft enhances Windows 11 Paint with Cocreator and added features like transparency effects, layers, and background removal, showing dedication to improving user experience.

Microsoft’s Paint app on Windows 11 is stepping into the future with the incorporation of Dall-E 3, now known as Cocreator. This AI-powered feature, previously witnessed in Bing AI, allows users to generate images based on textual descriptions and preferred art styles. As the rollout progresses, Windows 11 users are set to experience a seamless and innovative addition to their creative toolkit.

Cocreator unleashed: A game-changing AI integration

In a significant move, Microsoft is introducing Dall-E 3 support, rebranded as Cocreator, to the Paint app on Windows 11. This feature, akin to its presence in Bing AI, empowers users to articulate their image vision through text, letting the AI algorithm craft a visual representation in the specified art style. The simplicity and efficacy of Cocreator garnered attention when first integrated into Bing Chat (now Copilot), creating a buzz around its image generation capabilities. With the recent expansion into Paint, Microsoft is enhancing the creative potential for Windows 11 users.

Rollout in progress: Cocreator reaches windows 11 users

Windows Latest reports that Cocreator in Paint has transitioned from the testing phase, where it was initially identified in September, to a broader release for all Windows 11 users. While not every user may immediately witness the feature due to the gradual rollout, those eager to explore Cocreator should ensure they are running the latest version of Paint. Additionally, users may be prompted to join a waiting list within the app, indicating Microsoft’s careful management of the feature’s deployment.

Navigating the cocreator feature

Recognizing the potential learning curve, Microsoft has included a concise tutorial within the Paint app. This tutorial aims to acquaint users, especially beginners, with the functionalities of Cocreator, making the AI-powered image creation process more accessible. By simplifying the introduction, Microsoft ensures that users can swiftly harness the creative prowess of Cocreator.

Paint evolves: Beyond cocreator

The integration of Cocreator is not the sole enhancement to Paint on Windows 11 this year. Microsoft has diligently expanded the app’s capabilities with several noteworthy features. Among these is the introduction of a transparency effect, providing users with added creative flexibility. Furthermore, the much-requested functionality of layers has been incorporated, offering a more sophisticated approach to digital art creation.

Beyond Cocreator: Unveiling Paint’s Recent Upgrades

In addition to the AI-driven Cocreator, Paint users on Windows 11 now enjoy the convenience of background removal. This feature lives up to its name, swiftly and efficiently eliminating backgrounds with minimal user input. Notably, this update aligns with the broader trend of enhancing Microsoft’s core Windows 11 apps. The Photos app, too, has received recent updates, including background removal and a background blur option, contributing to a more polished and versatile user experience.

Microsoft’s commitment to windows 11 apps

Microsoft’s dedication to refining and expanding its core Windows 11 apps remains evident. As the company introduces cutting-edge features like Cocreator, it simultaneously eliminates redundant elements, ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience. The ongoing improvements to Paint and other essential apps on Windows 11 exemplify Microsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

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