Why SameUSD Could Be Perfect For Your E-Commerce Store


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If you’re trying to reach new customers by providing additional payment methods for your online store, SameUSD could be the answer. The digital payments system has boomed in recent years—you might have seen competitors offering Bitcoin payment options. You might even be offering them too.

But Bitcoin isn’t great for E-commerce. You need a cryptocurrency that offers all of the benefits of a digital currency without some of the drawbacks. With SameUSD, you get all that and more.

Introducing Tony—your ideal new customer.

Tony wants to buy stuff from your store, but he isn’t located in your country and doesn’t have access to your main fiat currency. Making a payment is going to cost him a fair amount of money in exchange fees and it’s also going to be a slow process. While he loves your products, he’s hesitant. He even goes and searches for them elsewhere to see if there’s somewhere he can buy them at a bit more easily.

Tony has been interested in crypto and digital payments for a while. He has a few Bitcoin, only he’s holding them. Why wouldn’t he? He’s already seen his Bitcoin portfolio double since he bought them. His Altcoin portfolio has done even better.

People want to spend SameUSD

So he doesn’t want to spend his Bitcoin (or Altcoins) on your products. Because he thinks his investments are going to be worth much more in the future. And he’s already seen those stories about people who bought certain “items” from the dark web back in Bitcoins early days and basically wasted potentially millions in future assets.

It’s also complicated for Tony to work out exactly how much your items are worth on any particular day given Bitcoin’s dramatic fluctuations. He can’t be bothered to do the maths to work out what 0.0000025 BTC. He’s like most people.

But Tony still likes the idea of digital currencies for online payments. That’s why he also likes the idea of stablecoins like SameUSD. And it’s these currencies that are perfect for E-commerce stores like yours. Tony actually saw a similar item to yours on a site accepting SameUSD and spent his money elsewhere.

SameUSD is pegged to the value of USD via a range of other stablecoins. Its value is always equal to $1. Making it easy to understand for all your potential customers—and easy for them to know they aren’t wasting money on something that could be worth loads more in the future. It’s a stable currency that is perfect for online transactions.

Users of SameUSD can also make the most of reduced fees and quick transactions, making it even easier for them to spend money online and avoid standard banking fees.

Hopefully, you can see how offering payments in SameUSD could be perfect for your e-commerce business. You’ll be able to start attracting more customers just like Tony, and hopefully growing your sales. You’ll also be able to enjoy all the other benefits digital currencies could bring to your business.

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