Why BRICS trade currency is inevitable

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  • The BRICS alliance is considering introducing a unified global trade currency.
  • The declining use of the US dollar in international trade creates a void for an alternative currency.
  • Discussions within BRICS have revolved around the currency’s format, including digital forms or assets pegged to gold.

The winds of change are gusting across the financial landscape, and at the center of this economic maelstrom stands the BRICS alliance, poised to usher in a seismic shift.

If you’ve been inclined to scoff at the idea of a singular BRICS global trade currency, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Given the unfolding economic dynamics and shifting international trade practices, the emergence of a unified BRICS trade currency isn’t just possible—it’s damn near inevitable.

BRICS: Shifting Sands in the Global Economy

Survey the world’s monetary situation, and it’s plain to see: there’s a palpable sense of irrationality in the air. The once-mighty US dollar, which served as the bedrock for international economic transactions, is steadily losing its grip.

Its dwindling dominance paints a clear picture of the need for a novel unit of account for worldwide settlements. Enter the BRICS nations, each bringing its own strength and perspective to the table, and collectively holding the potential to revolutionize global trade.

The backdrop is crucial here. We’re seeing an accelerated phase-out of the US dollar in international trade. There’s a growing chorus of voices challenging the dollar’s hegemony and a tangible need for an alternative.

This isn’t about replacing one dominant force with another. It’s about crafting a more equitable, stable financial system that can weather the storms of international politics and trade wars.

Emergence of a Unified Trade Currency: The Rationale

So, what’s prompting the BRICS nations to even consider a singular currency? It’s the very nature of their alliance—the shared vision, growth trajectory, and increasing clout in global affairs.

The discussions around a potential currency have been extensive, touching upon its format—whether a digital avatar or something pegged to tangible assets like gold.

Russian economist Sergey Glazyev’s recent conversation with TV BRICS sheds light on the topic. The man pulls no punches. He points to the countries set to redefine global economic evolution as the primary champions of a revamped international financial system.

Their objective isn’t about achieving dominance but about ensuring stability and fostering mutual growth. Look at the Euroasian Economic Union, for instance. They’ve significantly pivoted to national currencies for their trade.

When it comes to trade involving Russia, the ruble has essentially overshadowed other traditional currencies. This isn’t an isolated trend. Broadly, the dollar and the euro are being edged out of international settlements at a pace that’s hard to ignore.

Glazyev underscores a salient point here. The BRICS nations aren’t starting from scratch. They have a conceptual framework for such a currency, drawing from not just a basket of the member nations’ own currencies, but also a diverse range of exchanged commodities.

This multi-faceted approach speaks volumes about the alliance’s intent to develop a robust, resilient trade currency. The trajectory of global finance is bending unmistakably toward a future where a BRICS trade currency holds a place of prominence.

And while the naysayers may continue with their skepticism, the indicators are clear. It isn’t about supplanting an old order with a new one.

It’s about recognizing the shifting dynamics, embracing change, and crafting a system that’s fairer and more representative of the diverse powers steering the global economy. BRICS isn’t just knocking on the door of the future; it’s ready to define it.

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