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In 2009, Bitcoin came into existence and back then, a very small number of people, mostly those with a savvy for technology were aware of it. Today, it is one of the fastest growing and emerging technologies, changing our views on financial transactions and lifestyles of those who firmly believed in its potential. Many others got a hold of BTC by other means and earned a fortune from it.

Gavin Andersen is the man who led BTC to the status it has in the market today, with many speculations revolving around him, this millionaire was declared the lead developer for source code maintenance of BTC.

The founder of the Digital Currency Group is among the first to invest in Bitcoin, having purchased forty-eight thousand BTC from the government of the USA. Known mostly for his share in Skype, Tim Draper is considered among the wealthiest BTC owners, with a net worth of more than one billion dollars.

The Winklevoss brothers are famously known because of their legal dispute with the CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg. With a net worth of approximately four hundred million dollars, they are dominating as a strong force in the market, having launched a crypto exchange of their own.

The entrepreneur who launched the BTC payment processor, Gallippi, owns the company under the name Bitpay and has a net worth of over twenty million dollars.

Jered Kenna, ex-marine who earned around thirty million dollars by selling BTC that he bought at a time when their rates were cheap is now in possession of a Colombian brewery.

Carlson is one of the very rare millionaires who became rich by just mining BTC. He is reported to have earned eight million each month from his twenty thousand square foot mining warehouse.

Charlie Shrem bought a lot of Bitcoins when they were selling at the lowest rates, and with the money he earned, established Bitinstant that has now become a currency exchange.

In 2013, the FBI hunted Ross Ulbricht, founder of The Silk Road and confiscated around one hundred and forty-four thousand BTC from him, adding FBI to the list of BTC billionaires.

Bitcoin developer, who goes by the fake name, Satoshi Nakamoto has been reported to own over one million BTC, with a net worth of over four billion dollars. He is the richest Bitcoinist today.

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