Where to Play with SameUSD


Samecoin introduces SameUSD, a stable cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the dollar through a basket of stablecoins so that users can have full confidence and a complete understanding of exactly how much their currency is worth, while enjoying all of the benefits associated with DeFi coins. These benefits include increased privacy, faster transactions, reduced fees, and staking opportunities.

Benefits of SameUSD for iGaming

SameUSD is a key part of the Samecoin ecosystem. It aims to simplify iGaming transactions, making it easy for anyone to understand. Getting hold of SameUSD is simple and easy, and you won’t have to worry about your currency being worth a lot less tomorrow, or have concerns over “spending” a currency that could actually be worth loads more a week later.

With iGaming making huge strides into the global market, and cryptocurrencies getting more popular every day, SameUSD is an essential solution to the future of the industry. Fees with regular payment systems can be expensive, and transactions can be slow. Verification can also take time. SameUSD and the Samecoin ecosystem help eliminate all of these issues.

But if you’re looking to start playing with SameUSD, you might be wondering about your next step. Let’s have a look at where to play with SameUSD.

Where to play with SameUSD

SameUSD is still relatively new. Therefore, there aren’t a huge number of casinos that currently accept SameUSD. But this looks set to change soon. Samecoin and SameUSD offer huge benefits for both casino operators and casino players.  How simple and easy SameUSD is for players to understand will make more casinos and betting sites get on board as soon as possible —to get a competitive advantage over other rival firms who don’t offer the flexibility, affordability, and speed that Samecoin affords.

So, what sort of places will you be able to use SameUSD soon?

Online casinos

When compared to somewhere like Europe, the online casino industry in America is relatively small. That’s because it was banned in many states until recently when new Supreme Court legislation opened the market for operators. SameUSD sits in the perfect position to make the most of a newly liberalized market that will want to offer the most competitive payment options for their new customers. As online casinos offer SameUSD transactions, you’ll enjoy all your favourites like video slots, blackjack, roulette, and more.

Online poker sites

Online poker used to be huge in the USA, but this changed when many sites were banned over a decade ago. Thankfully, things are getting back to normal. And the major benefit of SameUSD for online poker is that you’ll be able to play against players who deposited in USD, as values are tied, giving SameUSD holders access to the biggest tournaments and best cash games.

Online betting sites

Betting sites have also experienced tremendous development.  Thanks to recent changes in legislation because SameUSD holders will soon be able to bet on all the top action from around the world, with competitive odds, reduced fees, and quick payouts.

The options for the potential growth of SameUSD gambling are huge. It looks to be one of the best ways to play, win and receive funds over the next decade.

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