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Where Does the Money Flow?

Where Does the Money Flow

When you look at the big picture of where the money is currently flowing, you realize there were a lot of people who bought bitcoin at $10, or ether at $0.30, and these people now have loads of money. Just this year, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has increased $180,000,000,000. So, what do you do?

There was a crypto millionaire who encouraged me, “Figure out what you need to learn so you can provide services and help these new millionaires, or figure out a way that you can contribute to this field with the talents you already have.” Yes, that’s a good idea, siphon off some of this money for me, but how about those who are not in the right path of where the money flows?

Follow Your Dreams?

Take Saanvi who grew up slums of Dharavi in Mumbai near the Ganesh Mandir temple. Her mother, a Chapati maker, and her father an orange juice squeezer on the main road leading to the city had great aspirations for their daughter. She is a diligent student and had obtained top marks in her class in primary and secondary school. Her parents have saved enough,  and finally, she is going to University.

Her dream is to attend an English-speaking university in Istanbul, and then she hopes to travel to the US to do a Masters in aeronautical engineering. She’s been doing online tutoring with English language teachers, as well as additional online courses to supplement her university studies so that she can attend a top university in the US.

She hopes and believes that this will give better job prospects at home and possibly abroad and that she will be able to pay her parents back by improving the quality of their lives once she has a well-paid job.

This is a familiar (hypothetical) story in the world of language learning. But how can we be sure that any of the promises she has heard are true and that following this path will guarantee the outcome she desires?

Will she improve her English by studying at the University? Will she be able to make native English speaking friends? Will she be able to study in the US? Will her English be good enough? If she does qualify how can a potential employer verify that it was actually her that completed the course and that she got the scores put forward on her CV? Will the ESL courses she has done be enough for her to land that dream job?

The answer is “we can’t be sure”.

Blockchain to the Rescue

The great thing about blockchain is it is really easy to enter. Never before has there been a revolution this size, where the best way to learn about it is on the internet and available to almost anyone. This is exactly what you want. Why would you go to school and get a degree, where you are competing in an established field with thousands of other graduates?

One thing that is vital for a student is the preservation of records for completed studies or progress towards completed studies, something that when maintained by a traditional central authority can be lost or altered.

Learning accreditation is hard to verify and often businesses and learning institutions are reliant on the information was given by applicants looking for a study or job placements, or the agents looking to place the applicant.

Research indicates that one in four CV’s have some falsified information in them. Qualifications are actually very hard to verify, take up valuable time and man hours for employers and higher education institutions, and can be manipulated by different parties to obtain desired outcomes.

If the data was manipulated how would we even know?

This is where blockchain can play a part in the verification of language learning and accreditation.

Records of study qualification 

The blockchain will store a record of the qualifications that a student has attained, the date they took the test, what scores they got, etc. This could form part of a digital qualification record, which would be easily accessible to employers, universities and other institutions with enrolment criteria.

Individuals students and their schools can upload and verify the information is correct on the blockchain, mitigating the need for a central authority to hold the records.

This is particularly relevant to students who may be displaced through political change, war or natural disasters.

Indelible Records Withstanding all Calamities

Another relevant positive is if the student’s college or university closes before the degree is completed, the history of the achieved grades, courses completed and test scores and assessments are retained and can be used in the future.

In our modern learning age, students are studying from multiple sources, whether they are traditional educational institutions, apps, and online courses, or tutors, all these records can get stored in the blockchain and form a public ledger. This can be used to help the student get a job, or even to ask for people to ‘invest’ in their education, in return for a share in your skills and knowledge once the student has qualified.

Blockchain can transfer control of a students record keeping back to the person it is most important to – the student, allowing them greater autonomy in their lives.

So, where does the money flow? Right now it is still hard to get involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is risky, it is unclear where you will end up, and no one can predict what will happen. But that is the perfect opportunity to jump in. You don’t get rewarded for taking the safest path with the least risk.


Pursue your English lessons and get skills in the industry you want to get involved in, entering through the back door and picking up training along the way, For all operations in a company, there will surely be orientations and hands-on training. But take note, without the necessary language tool – English – you do not make it anywhere in this lucrative modern world.

Disclaimer: This is a guest article. The views, opinions and positions expressed within it are those of the author alone and do not represent those of Cryptopolitan. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are not guaranteed. We accept no liability for any errors, omissions or representations. The copyright of this content belongs to the author and any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.

Mitch Rankin

Mitch Rankin

Mitch Rankin is the Co-Founder of Forward Protocol, a technology company building open source blockchain tools to connect the Edtech sector. A devoted husband and father, he has passionately invested on education and blockchain. Focusing on helping solve UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) of the 2030 Agenda, he supports the goal to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. His vision is to impact 1 billion people through a better education and learning experience by changing how the world learns.

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