What’s actually going on with crypto lobbying?


  • The Blockchain Association opposes Senator Warren’s crypto bill, claiming job and strategic losses.
  • Fairshake’s super PAC attacks Rep. Katie Porter, accusing her of harming innovation.
  • Crypto’s political actions are now more public, targeting skeptics beyond lobbying.
  • Support for the industry is strong among Republican senators, as highlighted by Stand with Crypto data.

The corridors of power in Washington D.C. are currently echoing with the sound of a burgeoning industry’s footsteps. Crypto, once a fringe element of the financial world, has donned its political cap, stepping into the ring with a fervor that’s caught many by surprise. The Blockchain Association’s latest correspondence to Congress is a testament to this shift; a clarion call that signals the industry’s readiness to fight for its place in America’s future.

The crypto community is abuzz, not just with transactions and trading but with a pressing concern for its survival amidst legislative challenges. A letter, boasting signatures from some of the industry’s heavyweights like Coinbase’s Faryar Shirzad and Andreessen Horowitz’s Michele Korver, is a rallying cry against a bill spearheaded by Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her critical stance on crypto. The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2023, as it’s formally known, is under fire for potentially jeopardizing thousands of jobs and stifling the nation’s progress in the digital asset domain.

The Crypto Crusade Intensifies

This is a full-blown crusade to protect what many in the industry see as the cornerstone of future financial innovation. The emergence of Fairshake, a super PAC with deep pockets funded by crypto giants, underscores a strategic pivot. Their first order of business? Launching a media blitz against Representative Katie Porter, who’s eyeing a Senate seat but is seen within crypto circles as a protégé of Warren, hence a threat to their cause.

Porter’s critical view of bitcoin mining‘s environmental impact, encapsulated in a 2022 letter seeking accountability from the sector, has made her a target for Fairshake. The PAC’s narrative is clear: Porter’s alleged financial ties to big banks and oil hint at hypocrisy, a message they’re keen on delivering to California’s voters.

The stakes are high, and the crypto lobby’s tactics are evolving. Gone are the days of behind-the-scenes maneuvering. Today, the industry’s battle for influence is waged in the open, with targeted ad campaigns and public declarations. The shift from lobbying to public confrontation marks a significant change in strategy, one that seeks to demonize skeptics and rally support for “pro-crypto leadership.”

The Political Chessboard

The industry’s political entanglements are becoming increasingly complex. Stand With Crypto, a nonprofit advocacy group, sheds light on the Senate’s alliances within the industry. The data reveals a political divide, with a notable lean towards Republican support. Senators Cynthia Lumnis and Ted Burr emerge as crypto champions, with their legislative efforts and public statements painting them as the industry’s allies.

However, this alignment with Republican figures poses a dilemma. As the primary season wanes, the crypto super PACs face a critical decision: whom to support and whom to oppose. This decision could pigeonhole the industry’s political efforts, making them appear partisan in a landscape where bipartisan support is crucial for long-term success.

The battle lines are drawn, not just on Capitol Hill but within the very fabric of the blockchain industry. The Blockchain Association’s dual letters to Congress, the formation and actions of PACs like Fairshake, and the strategic positioning ahead of the presidential election, all point to a sector that’s fiercely defending its right to innovate and prosper.

Yet, amid this political jostling, a fundamental question remains: Can the crypto industry navigate the treacherous waters of Washington politics without losing its soul? The pursuit of profit and influence, while necessary for survival, must be balanced with a commitment to the ideals of decentralization and innovation that fueled the movement in the first place.

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