What to expect from AT&T Blockchain patent

The telecom AT&T has applied for a blockchain based patent application. The company aims to make something that will aid in mapping the history of subscribers on social media platforms. This kind of application will help startup businesses and also in the training of future employees. On 13th of December, the patent was issued, and it includes a unique feature that allows the navigation of not only the negative activity but also aids in searching for people with similar interests in a sector.

Along with tracing the type of activity on the platform, it can also track trends and current manias in the media and functions dually. The service does need the user to have accounts on each social media platform to access the data, however.

It can help businesses that want to keep track of the views people have about them on a different platform, along with allowing people to find the latest trends in their field of interest. The information is separated into various categories and can be accessed by searching.

However by providing this many services many people are wondering about the to what extent their information on the site is protected and private.

A business can utilize this information to cater to an audience that demands its products easily however this same concept can be executed in another manner where there is more obvious indication that user information is secured.

The platform AT&T is offering happens to be very uncommon these days. Now that they have the patent they will be mapping all the social media platforms supporting the blockchain technology in a new spotlight.