What Rewards will Aurix Token Holders and Users Receive?

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Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen, a man with an amazing mix of coding and trading who created a product for cryptocurrency users, Aurix, to bring all the solutions together on a single platform. The uniqueness in the ideas of the Aurix ecosystem, especially the Aurix token, will soon put Aurix at the top in the market.

The decentralized finance architecture of the Aurix ecosystem ensures the safety of its users and their data, along with a guaranteed transaction speed and high security. Aurix token has a massive role in bringing more and more people into the market by wiping out the issues with the current tokens in the system and enhancing the overall user experience.

What is unique with the Aurix Token?

Aurix token is one of the most important elements of the Aurix ecosystem. It is a concept where the company offers additional discounts and benefits to the users using Aurix tokens to pay a merchant or a vendor. These benefits include high transaction speed, cashback, and reduced trading fees.

The company takes care of its users by increasing the number of benefits as there is an increase in holding or staking the Aurix tokens. These discounts insanely go up to 90 percent on trading and 9 percent on cards which is very unusual and amazing in the crypto world. The more Aurix tokens you stake in your wallet, the higher your level would be, and you will receive more frequent and enhanced rewards.

Below is a list of benefits you get as you upgrade yourself in the platform by increasing your Aurix token (AUR) balance.

What Rewards will Aurix Token Holders and Users Receive? 1

As you continue holding or staking more of the Aurix tokens, your level will keep increasing from VIP 0 to VIP 6. There will be more additions to the benefits as your level increases, reducing your maker and taker fee from 0.1 to 0.05 and 0.1 to 0.07, respectively, for VIP 0 to VIP 6. Another example is trading cashback which moves from 0% in VIP 0 level to 90 percent in VIP 6.

Currently, it runs based on ERC-20 but is going to operate on the Aurix chain soon. Also, it is important to note that the Aurix token issue is limited to 20 million units, and AUR can be exchanged for many other cryptocurrencies.

Types of rewards Aurix Token holders are offered

The list of rewards offered by Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen to Aurix token holders is never going to end. Some of the most amazing rewards include:

  1. DeFi cashback: When you trade using AUR, there is a high chance of receiving surprise cashback. Below are the two cases to receive them:
  • Trading Cashback: When you trade and have a holding of AUR in your wallet, you can receive huge cashback. This cashback can increase upto 90%, which is unimaginable.
  • Card cashback: While making a transaction using Visa/Mastercard, you have the opportunity to get upto 9% cashback if you stake AUR in your wallet. Even if you do not have any Aurix token staked, you can still receive a 2% cashback.
  1. Exclusive rewards for staking Aurix tokens: If you stake a number of Aurix tokens in the platform and cross a certain threshold, it will automatically upgrade you to an upper level, welcoming you with many exclusive rewards.
  1. Enhance users’ trading experience: You will experience a surprising increase in your interest while trading as you keep unlocking the amazing rewards and benefits using AUR.


Aurix Token has fantastic features compared to general payment functionality, and it is the best time to grab the rewards offered by the Aurix ecosystem. The AUR is going to bring a huge amount of people to the crypto market. All credit goes to the bright mind with a powerful vision, Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen.

Through the incredible and extraordinary rewards offered to Aurix token holders, Majed Mohsen has proven that Aurix cares for its users’ safety and happiness more than anything else. AUR will improve the trading experience and the way people trade in the crypto world.

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