What Makes the Aurix Debit Card Better than Mainstream Debit Cards?

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Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, considered it a great disadvantage that, like fiat currencies, crypto doesn’t have a secure and separate gateway for proper payments. Therefore, he then constructed Aurix that differs  completely  from prevalent methods. With the Aurix Exchange platform, he brought Aurix Debit Cards. 

Aurix debit cards are way better than the existing ones, as your transactions are secure and won’t take any time. You won’t be stuck because of  slow speed of transactions, and will have full control over the entire process. Majed Mohsen could create a debit card people would use daily.

The Drawbacks of mainstream debit cards

The mainstream debit cards have t achieved little success, and there is a perfect explanation for this. It is a fact that these debit cards are not as effective as they advertise.  Look at the table below.

Point of comparisonMainstream CardsAurix Debit Cards
FeesMainstream debit cards take up a lot of fees. So, if you are taking your debit card to a store to pay for  services, some of the exchanges can charge you as much as around 3 to 10 percent, which is too high.Aurix debit cards charge a minimum fee for any transaction that you do. So there are  no extra or special  charges beyond  the transaction fee that you would  payi in the application itself.
Availability Some cards are available in some states of the USA, and not all. Others are not available in the USA, but available internationally. Aurix Debit cards are functional  across the USA, and one can use these cards to pay for any kind of product or service he or she wants.
SecurityMost of these cards are not secure as the exchange promoting the use of cards is not secure. As a result, many people might end up losing money.Aurix is a very secure platform that runs on the Aurix chain. There is no loophole that  any Distributed Denial of Service can attack to break  the security.
Minimum DepositIf a user cannot maintain a certain amount of crypto in the debit card, he or she will be asked to pay a fee for this. Many mainstream cards work on this principle.Aurix has no such demand and won’t ask to drain your money in the sand uselessly. Since the goal of Aurix is to make crypto transactions easier, such a rule does not exist on Aurix. .

Aurix MasterCard/Visa offers amazing features

  1. Every time you use Aurix Mastercard/Visa, you can get up to 9% cashback. It is certainly a humongous amount, and a fascinating feature of the Aurix Ecosystem. Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, is the first person to develop this concept of cashback in the crypto world. 
  2. No limit is imposed on transactions. Unlike in some mainstream cards or traditional cards, you can safely transfer any crypto without any issue. So, there is no fee in case you want to transfer huge amounts of crypto.


Aurix Mastercard/Visa has got great potential. The absence of useless restrictions and fees makes it significantly  easier to trade  in the crypto world. For the adoption of crypto in the eCommerce world, Aurix debit cards have been made. These debit cards can be easily used and have several useful features attached to them. 

Aurix Chain will keep providing cashback to the users of Aurix debit cards, even after a hundred years from now. Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, has built a convenient payment gateway involving crypto. 

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