What is ZapCoin’s Revenue Model

When every transaction has the potential to generate revenue, a robust revenue model becomes a necessity. The unique revenue model of ZapLife and ZapTheory ensures that the income is generated organically and shared transparently with the members. 

ZapCoin also aims to benefit its holders through engaging, interactive activities besides just the traditional transaction fee model.

Most tokenized platforms focus on products or services. ZapCoin focuses on creating a comprehensive financial ecosystem that delivers monetary independence. ZapCoin’s revenue models are extensive and ensure that users benefit from token holdings and engagement on the ZapTheory platform.

How ZapCoin’s Revenue Ecosystem Works

Revenue traditionally comes from one particular product or source. At ZapCoin, multiple sources are contributing to the platform’s revenue. Also, both the platform and the members work together to leverage the monetary channels.

A successful organization can create and sustain multiple revenue sources while delivering actual value to its users. ZapLife, ZapTheory, and ZapCoin all work along the same guiding principle to provide value to users.

Understanding ZapCoin Revenue Stream

The generation of revenue on ZapCoin is unique compared to traditional tokens. Here’s how participants can utilize the tokens across various activities.

  • Simple sale and purchase of the token attract a certain percentage of the transaction as transaction fees.
  • Artists can encourage content sharing and distribution using ZapCoin as incentives. For example, commenting and sharing will reward users with ZapCoin, which will add transactional revenue to the platform.
  • Trading of the ZapCoins involves transaction fees, thereby adding up to the revenue stream.

Platform revenue will increase as the platform’s participation and engagement increase because ZapCoin uses a unique revenue-generating model compared to conventional tokenized applications. ZapCoin tokens are diverse in terms of how they generate revenue. The Ethereum-based ZapCoin is ideal for rewards, events, crypto transactions, and so much more.

Together with the native wallet, ZapCoin will provide a host of monetary services related to the platform for the sole intention of empowerment via monetization. 

  • Participation and engagement – ZapCoin will be the ‘de facto’ choice for various activities on the ZapLife platform. From engagement to involvement in multiple activities, such as polls and commenting, content creators can use ZapCoin to reward the participants.
  • Governance – ZapCoin gives complete control to holders to steer the platform’s direction through a broad consensus mechanism. The future trajectory of the ZapCoin, ZapLife, and ZapTheory ecosystem is in the hands of its members and token holders. Voting will help resolve crucial matters, including operations, management, administration, charges, and many more.
  • Abundance Sharing – Just like dividends act as a reward for long-term stock holdings, ZapCoin will share its abundance as a reward for token holders. Of course, token holders have the option to sell their ZapCoins anytime. ZapLife will reward contributors with quarterly payouts from the revenue of the platform.
  • Community Participation – Everything that requires engagement by users will contribute towards the platform’s revenue. ZapCoin holders will be part of the platform’s activities, which will help them share their tokens. ZapLife communities will not only help create imaginative and engaging content but also share them with other users. The buoyancy in community participation contributes towards mutual monetary benefits.
  • Growth Fund – Users can stake their ZapCoin in ZapTheory via contribution buckets to support growing artists or to leverage the growth of established content creators of their choice. Funding this way will help the content creators function independently of production houses to support their production and campaigns with their fans’ help. At the same time, they share the revenue with everyone who contributed to it. Creating a vision in this way is profitable for the artist and their fans without intermediaries like organized institutions that have controlled the creative space for centuries.  

Key aspects of ZapLife Revenue Generation

  • Virtual Gifts – ZapLife endorses regulated yet effective brand promotions through virtual gifts, which are in-app purchases. Purchase and gifting contribute to the platform’s earnings. 
  • Influencer Market – ZapLife helps bring together influencers, content creators, and an extensive brand marketplace. The marketplace will be a powerhouse of influencer-driven sales. ZapLife charges a percentage of the revenue generated by influencer sales.

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