What Is UpLift DAO and How Is It Flourishing?

Nowadays, cryptocurrency can buy everything from groceries to a Ferrari, if you will. 

However, the mainstream popularity of crypto stems from a different reason. Regardless of the ebbs and flows in the market, tokens backed by robust and active projects have amassed attractive returns for investors. 

Cryptocurrencies are a great store of value. They have expedited fundraising and project development, making early-stage investment accessible to all. 

Today, all you need to take your idea from paper to podium is basically the will to succeed. If you manage to get a community on board with your vision, there is no looking back. 

UpLift DAO nurtures promising crypto projects through an incubator, IDO launchpad, and accelerator. Here we will describe the type of projects the UpLift platform supports, their scope, and what’s in it for you. 


Back in the day, gaming was synonymous with lazing around. The world is finally coming to the realization that gaming is actually quite demanding. And what’s more, it deserves recognition and rewards. The ongoing blockchain gaming movement is widely referred to as GameFi. 

Taking inspiration from DeFi’s rise to stardom, a new tribe of GameFi projects is on a mission to incentivize gaming through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The buzz around the metaverse has spiked interest in the industry, bringing on an influx of ideas, investments, and talent. 

JP Morgan predicts that the “metaverse is evolving from two decades of gaming, and it will be built upon gaming infrastructure.” To give you a better perspective, play-to-earn tokens from crypto projects like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Axie Infinity top the charts with billion-dollar market caps. According to Republic Realm, the average price of a parcel of virtual land in the pioneering metaverses doubled from $6,000 to $12,000 within a six-month window in 2021. In fact, a virtual land plot adjacent to Snoop Dogg’s Sandbox estate was sold for a mind-boggling $450,000 in ETH! 

GameFi adds diverse streams of revenue for gamers and in-game assets. For example, if you are an experienced gamer but don’t have the initial capital to get started, you can join a guild and monetize your skills. If you have money, but not skills, you can rent out your assets and earn passive income on them. You can also stake your assets for attractive APYs. The multitude of innovations and opportunities in the industry are on an unprecedented growth track. 

As a retail investor, you too can harness the growth. UpLift DAO launches IDOs for ambitious gaming projects that will fuel the industry. Recently, the launchpad raised 200,000 BUSD for NFT4Play, a play-to-earn iGaming platform.  

Decentralized Exchanges 

The more DEXs there are, the better for the crypto community. They uphold the true spirit of cryptocurrencies, dividing global liquidity into several marketplaces rather than a few centralized exchanges. The decentralized trustless marketplaces use smart contracts to execute orders without an intermediary. 

Unlike centralized exchanges, they are not nosy. They don’t ask you for personal information like names, addresses, or IDs. If your government decides to ban cryptocurrencies, you can count on DEXs for safekeeping your assets and transactions.

The DeFi rage has significantly contributed to the growth of DEXs, and vice versa. Passive income opportunities like lending, staking, and yield farming have opened our eyes to the vast potential held by the industry. As more blockchains, projects, tokens, and DeFi use cases emerge, there will always be room for new DEXs. 

In January, UpLift hosted the IDO of Jumbo Exchange, raising 99,999 BUSD. It is now the second AMM DEX on the Aurora Network.  

NFT Marketplaces

Celebrities, corporations, and the wealthy are vying to grab pieces from iconic NFT collections. Not all of us can afford to buy random pictures at ridiculous prices just because they are cool. Clearly, NFTs have more to offer, which justifies their market cap that closes in on $41 billion

NFTs empower creators, sellers, and buyers with transparency in transactions. Over the last few years, they have permeated a diverse range of sectors. From art to gaming and music, they have proven their worth time and again. They are also an essential element of the emerging metaverse. 

While all this sounds amazing, NFT sales are largely limited to a few marketplaces. OpenSea holds first place, with hardly any contenders in near sight. It recently surpassed $20 billion in all-time sales volume. LooksRare follows behind with $16.62B. 

Evidently, we need more marketplaces on different blockchains that support different collections. UpLift DAO carries forward this mission on its IDO launchpad. YouMinter, an easy-to-use NFT marketplace, launched its IDO on UpLift in December with a great reception, raising 450,675.02 BUSD.

Asset management protocols, yield aggregators, and infrastructure projects

Soon, UpLift will support projects that simplify the market and nurture innovation with new products. Asset management protocols, yield aggregators, and infrastructure projects that add value to the industry will all become part of UpLift’s portfolio and available in future IDOs.  

Giving financial power back to people 

UpLift is on the hunt for innovative crypto projects emerging in a wide spectrum of industries. The platform’s community-based capital deployment model has proven to be highly efficient, having raised 750,000 BUSD cumulatively for three projects just three months. UpLift has amassed 2,000 unique token holders and 7,000 unique stakers since its official launch in November 2021. 

UpLift gives the community first-hand access to promising tokens without following a tiered allocation system. Instead, participants are selected at random through a lottery. Moreover, there is a stand-off period after each IDO, ensuring a diverse set of participants and fair allocation.

The project’s cross-chain compatibility caters to the interoperable growth of the blockchain ecosystem. Although the IDOs are launched on BSC, the tokens can be distributed on any EVM-compatible network. UpLift supports project building on a wide range of emerging networks including Polygon, Aurora, and NEAR. 

Stay up-to-date with UpLift on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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