What Is Decentralized Venture Capital? Lucrative Future in Web 3.0

How the newest iteration of the web paves way for democratized investing and community-focused venture capital funds.

What comes to mind when you hear the words “investing” or “venture capital”? Likely the idea of an elite financial circle, established on secrecy, exclusion, and inaccessibility. A world run by few and known for its unfavored distribution of wealth. You may be excited by the opportunity of startups and emerging markets, but it may feel out of reach. We haven’t had many options for embracing new financial models that can disrupt this traditional mindset, until now. 

A new investing and venture capital landscape is paving the way for innovative decentralized finance companies – such as decentralized VC and crypto launchpad BullPerks – using emerging Web 3.0 technologies to establish lucrative new investment opportunities that are accessible to every type of investor.

Web 3.0 and the Transformation of the Investing World

Without a universally recognized definition, it may feel as if this new iteration of the internet is some far-off concept, but in fact, this is not the case at all. In the most simple understanding, Web3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the web itself. Web 1.0 was the interaction with static web pages, Web 2.0 is where we currently live and involves the socialization of the internet, and Web 3.0 aims to expand on not only the immersion of a digital world seamlessly into the real but also the decentralization of the web experience, including the financial sector. 

BullPerks Co-Founder Constantin Kogan envisions a digital investment future that utilizes cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to bring investment back to the generalized population in a democratic way.

“When building BullPerks as a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad, we were driven by the mission of making startup investment opportunities accessible for a wider swath of society, not only big venture capitalists. We believe that the traditional venture capital industry is a highly inefficient system that provides access to investment opportunities to only a group of accredited investors, primarily wealthy entities like endowments, family offices, pension funds, and ultra-high net worth individuals, ignoring the needs of many other people.” 

BullPerks Co-Founders Constantin Kogan and Eran Elhanani are continually inspired by the transformative nature of Web 3.0, as the digital concept aims to break barriers created by corporations who own a monopoly stake in much of our digital consumer and online social lives. Their passion for work at BullPerks unveils just how important this new era of internet and investing is for the future. As we continue to break away from the traditional model of investing using a more community-oriented and accessible road, by utilizing tools such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, the power, money, and focus shift away from those mega-corporations, and back to the people. 

Where Does Venture Capital Fit Into Web 3.0?

Traditional forms of venture capital and private equity investing are quickly becoming a way of the past. With the entire financial system set to become transformed over time as new developments of Web 3.0 emerge into the mainstream, investment modalities such as venture capitalism are destined to follow suit. 

As a decentralized investment model, private equity investing gets more public, focusing on building an established community of like-minded individuals to finance a promising project rather than a closed circuit of self-interested few. 

“There is a galvanizing power of blockchain and decentralized systems that creates an accessible opportunity for the masses, empowering everyday people to invest in promising crypto projects knowing their contribution can make extraordinary things happen. By focusing on promoting pillar projects within the DeFi industry, we at BullPerks are establishing a foundation of decentralized financial investment opportunities that will build a strong democratized community; using tools made accessible by Web 3.0 to continue to develop this new era of investing.”commented BullPerks Co-Founder Eran Elhanani on how decentralized venture capital funds can influence the global community.

There are two aspects of decentralized venture capital that combined with Web 3.0 make it a powerful and transformative financial modality. The first element is, democratized investing, and the second is, the power of community. 

Value Is In The Eye of The Masses

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are an important outcome of Web 3.0 that has completely turned the investing, art, and digital asset communities on their head. With the widespread acceptance of NFTs, and with no centralized regulatory system to establish their worth, the value of a digital asset is left up to the interest of the masses. Investors of all kinds can utilize their democratic abilities to sway auctions, pooling resources, unionize on behalf of a cause, or uplift the underdog, all by their determination. Value becomes not about what a big corporation deems important, but what the average investor or enthusiast wants to pursue.

In November of 2021, a pop-up crypto collective named ConstitutionDAO, consisting of a group of seventeen-thousand investors contributed to generating over 50 million dollars within five days in an effort to purchase the last remaining privately owned copies of the Constitution in a Sothebys auction. The group was outbid, but the collective effort was an incredible showcase of how the empowered collective can establish value and worth.

With the promotion of decentralized venture capital launchpads to vet and market the most innovative projects in the industry, there becomes a leveled playing field around worth, value, and what is going to make its way to the forefront. The more accessible Web 3.0 allows the digital world to be brought into our everyday lives in ways free from centralization or data ownership, the more democratized the nature of investing can become by utilizing these important tools. 

Going Global

Only a few decades ago, a global community was completely out of reach. We now live in an era where the majority of the global population is connected in an instant at all times. This interconnectivity has proven to be increasingly accessible as the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to take their businesses online and allowed them to expand their workforce to reach every continent. 

The idea of a few privileged individuals being able to make the vast majority of decisions around emerging projects and investments are being dismantled by the interest of a broader and more supportive community approach. When using a crypto launchpad to invest in promising projects, the community that is created around the support of a project brings a more holistic level of involvement to the process. The more that the whole community can be involved in every stage of a project the more feedback and advice the project and the community, in general, will benefit from. A stronger community presence leads to more successful outcomes.

The Future Is Web 3.0 and That Future Is Now

Any new era will have its skeptics, a lot of people who benefit from the status quo will find reasons to be wary of anything that is disrupting the norm. What those traditional venture capital firms have not yet reconciled with is that this future potential is already at play. The game is changing and the emerging technologies of Web 3.0 are developing further and further into the mainstream with each passing day. Whether it is NFTs, blockchain innovations, or a new exploration into the metaverse, the focus is moving away from the traditions that bind us and back to the people, and how Web 3.0 can set them free. With the power to choose where they place their money, the global population en masse inherently establishes the value of what is important in our world. 

The lucrative future of Web 3.0 is in your hands, and with decentralized venture capital combined with the power of the everyday people, it’s more accessible than ever before.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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