What Attracts Businesses to the Next Earth platform?

Why will businesses come to the Next Earth platform

Modern-day businesses are constantly looking to incorporate new and more innovative techniques in their operations and practices. This constant search for innovation keeps them relevant and in competition with the giants of their respective industries. Next Earth provides a multi-pronged solution for businesses offering features like DeFi, NFTs, and DAO to assist them in their operational management. 

Next Earth assures innovation by providing a range of solutions to its users. Next Earth aims to facilitate its users through its land presales to help them own a virtual piece of the planet Earth. The upcoming Public Land Sale starts on the 29th of July. This presale will help early adopters to amass maximum profits when the prices of properties shoot through the roof! 

What does Next Earth offer?

Next Earth digitally represents the planet and helps investors to buy and sell virtual land. This virtual land ownership occurs in a decentralized marketplace that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to ensure more reliable data transfer and storage.

More transactional security through smart contracts

Next Earth is based on the Ethereum network, which means that it uses smart contracts. These smart contracts consist of predefined terms and conditions for the entities involved. The conditions of the contracts are fulfilled through codes, and thus, there is no possibility of any interference or meddling from any external factor. This technology assures better security for the transactions of individuals and organizations so that they can conduct more reliable transactions through the platform.

Use of collectible NFTs

Virtual land is a digital asset that exists in the form of NFTs. These NFTs are a distinguished entity that ensures the uniqueness of an asset. They have several use cases, and most turn out to be highly beneficial and profitable in the future. An increase in supply and demand can positively influence their worth. Businesses can invest in these NFTs and potentially cash in on major profits eventually.

Rewards for the Next Earth early adopters

Next Earth has launched presale events to help its early adopters in joining the emerging network. These early adopters provide the desired levels of stability to the platform, and Next Earth intends to reward them through its extensive remuneration and benefits schemes. The ecosystem of Next Earth is aimed to value the ideas and innovation of its users. Thus, the metaverse project is designed to help users reap huge benefits for their financial and non-financial investments.

Helping the cause of environmental sustainability in business operations

Many small and large-scale businesses often find themselves in hot water over breaching major environmental sustainability guidelines. Next Earth intends to help these businesses by providing an all-in-all platform to its users while ensuring sustainability measures to the optimal degree. It also proposes several environmental funding projects, extending its support to organizations dedicated to maintaining the environment. 

Next Earth shares a percentage from transactions of sold and resold land. These donations are directed towards organizations that are determined by the Next Earth community. It will help other organizations pursue sustainability measures and encourage and support the users of Next Earth to adopt more green and sustainable measures.

How can businesses participate?

Businesses can enter the Next Earth ecosystem by purchasing virtual land or NFT products on the platform. As Next Earth intends to build a strong community and ecosystem, these businesses will reach out to various users. They can earn profits from networking in different locations and can set up their operations there. 

As virtual businesses are getting more relevant due to the influence of digitization, platforms like Next Earth can help them market and manage sales. Businesses can also build a solid profile to announce their presence on the platform. 

After making an entry into the ecosystem, businesses can implement new innovative ideas, reach a wider community, and get more diversified in the field while consistently turning profits.

Shawn Du'Mmett

Shawn Du'Mmett

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