What are Next Earth’s economy-building games?

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The online gaming industry has constantly developed and flourished in the last few years. With more people gaining access to computers and the internet, a global upgrading of business processes took place. Industries with the best online strategies distinguish themselves above the rest, with various businesses moving online and exploring the diverse digital market. 

Similarly, this business upheaval led to innovation in the financial sector as well. Various digital currencies surfaced on the face of the planet in either crypto or even other tokens and coins that could be earned and used online.

How does Next Earth revamp the virtual gaming industry?

As the internet has almost wholly conquered every field of life, one would expect that more advancements would be made in the field of virtual businesses. Based on the ETH network, Next Earth is an extension of virtual gaming, presenting Earth as a virtual asset for buying and selling in a virtual market. 

The Next Earth blockchain platform is designed for forming a virtual economy that can sustain a community of virtual landowners, incorporating itself in different sectors and related activities of land ownership in a game scenario.

The online gaming industry utilizes virtual currencies that run the loop for the game. The game rewards may be in the form of levels, XP, ratings, and so on. Thus, gamers build a complete portfolio and profile of themselves in the game. Therefore, Next Earth can act as an effective and more suitable currency in the form of tokenomics. Also, its use of smart contracts will help in running the whole ecosystem more smoothly and effectively.

Use of NFTs as valuable collectibles

NFTs are a significant innovation in the crypto realm. As they are used to store data, they are also a significant force against the copyright issues of different industries. They are more transparent and can be used as collectibles by different gaming organizations. They can also be easily traded with in-game economies.  

Gamers can sell their game assets in exchange for real money. These NFTs establish a sense of uniqueness for the collectibles, which then develop a combination of demand and supply in the market. This demand eventually increases the hype around NFTs and their worth as well.

The Metaverse reward programs

Next Earth intends to help and reward its early adopters in a bid to build a strong community. It does this through its Metaverse program that has the potential to grow in the future. Even though this sector is new and has a lot to explore, it promises to help its consumers amass hefty profits. 

Next Earth attracts new users and mainly gamers to try out the new and more advanced ecosystem through its Metaverse program, and these programs are closely associated with its core values. Its projected burning and staking programs are also a way to help the platform users in the best possible manner.

How does Next Earth ensure sustainability through the virtual industry?

Next Earth promises to inculcate major points of environmental sustainability and protection in its ecosystem. Hopefully, this action will remind the rest of the market to be mindful of their excessive energy consumption operations. A certain percentage of profits will go directly into environmental sustainability programs. 

Next Earth also aims to put a limit to the excessive use of resources and their unnecessary wastage. The virtual industry has the potential to check all the boxes for ensuring environmental sustainability. Hence, this is what the Next Earth community had committed to do as outlined in its road map.

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