Week 3 of SBF’s trial: The highlights you can’t miss

SBF stole from FTX customers for years

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  • Third week of SBF’s trial concludes with increasing tension in the courtroom.
  • Government called ten witnesses, making this week the busiest.
  • Judge Kaplan expressed disappointment with some of the government’s choices in witnesses.
  • Defense set to begin its case on October 26.

The courtroom drama surrounding the trial of the former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, more commonly known by his initials “SBF”, has reached a fevered pitch in its third week.

As both the prosecution and defense square off, presenting their perspectives with rigor, here’s a comprehensive guide to what went down.

The Prosecution’s Relentless March

Riding high on momentum, the prosecution trotted out an impressive ten witnesses during the week, escalating their count to a whopping 17. Yet, not all decisions sat well with Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Southern District of New York.

On a particular day, after the exit of the third witness, Kaplan’s vexation was palpable. He held his peace until the jury’s exit, then berated the counsel. One can’t help but think – was the prosecution’s strategy backfiring?

Nonetheless, the prosecution’s show must go on, and they seem to have regained some traction later in the day. With them expected to rest their case soon, the defense is prepping to present their arguments.

There’s been a bit of tussle on the start date, with Judge Kaplan firm on having it begin by Thursday, October 26.

Explosive Revelations from the Inside

Week three wasn’t just about numbers. There were testimonies that, frankly, blew the lid off certain aspects of this saga. Former FTX engineer Nishad Singh and the erstwhile FTX attorney, Can Sun, dropped bombshells.

Sun’s revelations about a desperate bid to raise capital to fill a staggering $7 billion void in FTX’s finances were nothing short of dramatic. There was a revealing digital rendezvous with Apollo Capital, hinting at financial turmoil.

Despite brainstorming sessions with the top brass, including SBF, no viable legal explanation for the gaping hole in the finances emerged. This culminated in Sun’s resignation, rooted in his belief that FTX was ill-equipped to handle customer withdrawals.

Singh’s testimony was a rollercoaster. Being candid, he confirmed the speculations around FTX not having adequate funds and Alameda’s alleged misappropriation.

In a more eye-opening statement, Singh spoke about SBF’s obsession with endorsements and celebrities, seemingly to bolster FTX’s public image.

But according to Singh, this was contradictory to the company’s supposed culture, which was not about “politicking and social climbing.” Singh’s association with SBF from their high school days was also laid bare, with Singh admitting to several federal charges.

The case wasn’t all about corporate backstories and allegiances; the financial details were dissected too. Professor Peter Easton and the FBI’s forensic accountant, Paige Owens, went under the microscope.

Easton’s work threw light on FTX’s precarious financial position. The government showcased communication that indicated SBF’s directives about fund transfers, deepening suspicions.

Owens’ contribution brought to light more on the political donations, although her methods of analysis faced some challenges from the defense.

A Judge with Character

The courtroom’s atmosphere wasn’t purely somber and tense. Judge Kaplan, with his sharp wit and sassy remarks, made sure of that.

Whether it was his playful banter with Singh over the concept of ‘crypto mining’ or his ribbing lawyers from both sides, his presence added a layer of character to the proceedings.

Kaplan’s humor-laced interactions, from comments on ’33 RPM records’ to his light-hearted challenges to the lawyers, kept the courtroom atmosphere lively.

Bottomline is the third week of SBF’s trial was a mixed bag. As accusations flew and defenses were erected, the world watched with bated breath.

While we await further developments, one thing is clear: the world of finance and crypto will never look at SBF the same way again. And as the trial continues, we’re reminded of the high stakes, not just for the individuals involved, but for the entire crypto industry.

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