Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 Sets New Heights in the Gaming Revolution

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  • Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 unites industry pioneers, highlighting the rapid growth of Web3 gaming.
  • Overwhelming interest with 4,000+ registrations underscores the industry’s enthusiasm for Web3 gaming.
  • Experts emphasize the importance of fun, security, and multi-chain integration for the future of Web3 gaming.

The Web3 Gaming Summit 2023, held from September 11th to 12th, was a groundbreaking event that brought together gaming enthusiasts and pioneers in the world of Web3 gaming. Co-organized by ABGA (Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance) and DeGame, this summit marked a pivotal moment in the gaming industry’s evolution.

Under the theme “New Era For Gameplay,” the summit aimed to chart the future course of Web3 gaming. It provided a platform for leading figures, developers, investors, and enthusiasts from the global Web3 gaming community to share insights, strategies, and tools for the industry’s development.

The response to the summit was overwhelming, with over 4,000 registrations and an actual attendance exceeding 4,300. This enthusiastic turnout highlighted the gaming industry’s keen interest in Web3 gaming and the high expectations surrounding the event.

Day 1: Setting the stage

Presentations and panels

The summit officially kicked off at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, featuring morning sessions focused on the Linea gaming ecosystem, organized by Linea, DeGame, and Particle Network. The afternoon saw ABGA and collaborators host the hackathon finals, showcasing innovative gaming products from the top 10 teams.

Insights from industry leaders

Throughout the day, experts from both Web2 and Web3 sectors shared their perspectives. Topics ranged from blockchain technology in Web3 games to transitioning from Web2 to Web3 gaming. Steve Good, CEO of Dreams Quest, unveiled an open-world action-adventure RPG game, while Carol Wang, Co-founder of Mars Protocol, discussed Ethereum‘s centralization issues.

Laying the foundation for Web3 gaming

Lester Li, founder of DeGame, highlighted the evolving Web3 gaming infrastructure, driven by dedicated blockchain game engines, enhanced efficiency, and reduced transaction costs. He also predicted rapid growth in the Web3 gaming market.

Day 2: Innovation and discussion

Expanding horizons

Hara, CEO of Jasmy Labs, introduced the Jasmy platform’s core objectives, including the construction of an Ethereum-based Layer 2 Jasmy Chain for enhanced scalability. Jake Liu, CFO of Planet Hares, discussed extending game lifecycles through Web3 mechanisms, emphasizing token economics and dual-token models.

Bringing fun to Web3 gaming

Henry Ferr, CMO of MetaCene, stressed the importance of making Web3 games enjoyable and competitive with mature Web2 games. Karen Kao, CMO of BoxTradEx, introduced BoxTradEx, a one-stop Web3 gaming portal offering various features, including token trading and NFT markets.

Multi-Chain infrastructure

Jae Kim, BD Director of Luniverse, explained how blockchain games can benefit from multi-chain infrastructure, allowing developers to deploy applications across multiple blockchain networks.

Building value for players

Yawn, Co-founder of STEPN, highlighted the importance of hyper-socialization in the next phase of Web3 gaming. He also emphasized addressing the infinite lifecycle of NFTs and reducing entry barriers.

Enhancing security and efficiency

Shukyee, CMO of Polyhedra, presented zkBridge, a technology powering Web3 games with its trustless, secure, efficient, and scalable solutions. It can also bridge Web2 and Web3 systems.

Continuous value for players

Sami CHLAGOU, CEO of Cross the Ages, discussed how “Cross the Ages” offers continuous value to players and the challenges of transitioning from Web2 to Web3 gaming.

Roundtable discussions: Exploring Web3 gaming’s future

Infrastructure to Community

The first roundtable discussed the future of Web3 gaming, emphasizing game wallets, NFT standards, and the need for playable games.

Best fit for blockchain gaming

The second roundtable debated the best game genres for blockchain gaming, focusing on complexities, entry barriers, and the growing value of digital collectibles.

VC demand for Web3 gaming

The third roundtable analyzed the demand for venture capital in Web3 gaming, addressing market sentiment, customer acquisition costs, and overvaluation.

Public chains and the gaming ecosystem

The fourth roundtable explored how public chains can support the gaming ecosystem, emphasizing user-friendliness, governance, and asset sharing.

Creator training camp launch

ThreeDAO launched its Creator Training Camp, with over 50 creators set to receive guidance from industry leaders and embark on a Web3 journey.

The Web3 Gaming Summit 2023, co-hosted by ABGA and DeGame, concluded successfully, leaving the industry with valuable insights and perspectives. It showcased the Web3 gaming industry’s immense potential and its transformative power. As Web3 gaming continues to evolve, it promises to bring more excitement and opportunities to players worldwide, setting new standards for the future.

About ABGA and DeGame

ABGA, the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, is dedicated to promoting the development of blockchain gaming, the metaverse, and NFTs. DeGame, the world’s largest NFT gaming aggregation platform, collaborates with various guilds, blockchains, and gaming projects to provide an innovative community experience. Together, they aim to drive the growth of the Web3 gaming industry.

The Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 showcased the rapid evolution of Web3 gaming and set the stage for its promising future. The industry is poised for further transformation, and ABGA and DeGame eagerly anticipate the next summit, where stakeholders will once again gather to shape the future of Web3 gaming.

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