Is Ethereum Set for Another Plunge? 

– Ethereum is set for another plunge - Daniel Cheung  – ETH might become a levered and liquid bet on Nasdaq like traditional stocks.

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The latest crash of Ethereum spread panic among investors throughout the market especially, when the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market fell below the $1,000 mark.  However, other investors feel ETH has not yet bottomed and the market should be prepared for another decline.

Daniel Cheung, Co-founder of Pangea Fund thinks that the worst months for ryptocurrencies could be July or August.  Since the digital asset sector follows macro movements like inflation, as the fund manager says, the market is currently in "Macro trading" mode.

Stock prices are driven by 2 things - future earnings and a multiple of what you are willing to pay for those forward earnings.  The recent drawdown we have seen in equities has heavily been driven by multiple compression given rising interest rate expectations.  - Daniel Cheung, co-founder, Pangea Fund

The early stages of reduced earnings revisions are just now beginning to play out. He adds that because this is a market condition that very few investors have experienced, there will probably be more instances of lower earnings revisions in the months to come.

Cheung further notes that there is a likelihood that Ethereum will be a levered and liquid bet on Nasdaq.  This means that investors can have access to the traditional market through a cryptocurrency that almost exactly mimics their movement on the market. Cheung thinks that once markets experience the strain of rising rates, continuing pressure from inflation, and even a potential recession, Ethereum will follow the Nasdaq because of their strong correlation.

A levered and liquid bet on NASDAQ

The market has lost 45% of its value since its 2008 high, and it is currently down approximately 30%  from its most recent ATH.  This leads the fund's co-founder to feel that there is still a sizable amount of potential for a decline in the upcoming months or following the subsequent rate hike.

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