Super Mario RPG Wave 2 Icons Released for Nintendo Switch Online Users


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  • Super Mario RPG just dropped Wave 2 icons, like Princess Peach and Boshi, for Switch profiles until November 30th.
  • Limited-time icons amp up the SNES classic on Switch with top-notch visuals, iconic characters, and better gameplay.
  • Act fast on Nintendo Switch Online to snag these exclusive icons and jazz up your profile before November 30th.

Nintendo has rolled out Wave 2 of the much-anticipated Super Mario RPG icons for the Nintendo Switch Online app, enhancing your profile customization options. 

Following the successful launch of the game last week, fans can now adorn their profiles with additional iconic characters, including the beloved Princess Peach and the enigmatic Boshi. Time is of the essence, though, as these exclusive icons are available only until November 30th.

Wave 2 unveiled

The latest wave of Super Mario RPG icons introduces a fresh set of fan favorites to the Nintendo Switch Online app. Princess Peach, the classic damsel in distress turned regal monarch, takes center stage, offering players the opportunity to showcase their admiration for the Mushroom Kingdom’s ruling royalty. Alongside her, the rebellious and cool Boshi joins the lineup, adding a dash of flair to the character selection.

Limited-time availability

Nintendo urges avid Super Mario RPG players to act swiftly, as these Wave 2 icons are available for a limited time only. The deadline, set for November 30th, serves as a reminder that the window of opportunity to acquire these exclusive icons is closing. 

Fans are encouraged to promptly access the Nintendo Switch Online app on their consoles and delve into the customization options to secure these sought-after profile embellishments.

For those unfamiliar with the latest rendition of this classic title, Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch is a revamped version of the SNES classic. Boasting stunning visuals and enhanced audio, the game remains faithful to the 90’s adventure that captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. The remake preserves the timeless gameplay that defined an era, featuring iconic characters such as Geno and Chained Kong, who continue to resonate with fans.

How to access Wave 2 icons

Nintendo has streamlined the process for users eager to adorn their profiles with Wave 2 icons. Simply navigate to the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Switch console. From there, users can access the latest additions to the icon library, including Princess Peach and Boshi, among others. Take advantage of the customization options and infuse your profile with the charm of these beloved Super Mario RPG characters.

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