Hash Rush

Vorto gaming launch ‘Hash Rush’ P2E platform for gamers globally

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Hush Rush launch P2E platform to reward one lucky gamer.
  • Lucky winner have to create best heroic character to be minted as NFT.
  • Competition is to let imagination run wild – Creative director.

Top Swedish-based blockchain gaming company Vorto Gaming has launched a Play-to-earn game Hash Rush competition that will etch one lucky winner into gaming history.

‘Design Hash Rush’ is challenging players to create their very own heroic character that will be immortalized in the re-release of the award-winning blockchain game, set for 2022.

The winning hero will be made available to purchase via the Vorto Network. Its creator will receive a 30% share of the revenue generated from all sales of the in-game NFT, meaning a potential grand prize of over £13,000.

The gaming company would also award second and third place designs, with each creator able to select their choice of existing Founder Bundle heroes from the Vorto Network store.

According to a press release by the exchange sent to Cryptopolitan, submissions for the competition will close on Monday 3 January, with the winning entry selected by the Hash Rush community via a public vote between 4 th – 10 th January.

Following the vote, 2500 NFTs of the hero will be minted, with five gifted to the creator and the remaining sold via the Vorto Network.

Hash Rush: Letting imaginations run wild

Nathan Ziedonis, Creative Director at VZ Games, said that “Design Hash Rush is all about letting our imaginations run wild; whether that’s through eye-catching
visuals, bespoke skills attributes, unique weapon choices, or intriguing backstories. We know how creative the gaming community can be now is their chance to prove it!”

“Should the hero and their story strike the right chord with Hash Rush players, the winning prize could be a potentially life-changing sum, and a true showcase of the many benefits of play-to-earn gaming… or in this case ‘design-to-earn’ gaming,” Nathan added.

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