Virtual Land Ownership Project, Next Earth, Joins the Reef Ecosystem


Next Earth has announced a new partnership with the Reef ecosystem. Next Earth is a decentralized virtual land ownership blockchain platform based on the real world. It’s EVM compatible and developed using Soliditiy’s ERC721 standard. The platform intends to be a DAO and a metaverse that lets you buy land from the exact copy of Earth, trade virtual land NFTs, and eventually bring real-world businesses into the virtual Next Earth ecosystem. 

The Reef ecosystem offers DeFi liquidity across multiple blockchains The ecosystem integrates with Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. The integration will enable Next Earth to take advantage of Reef’s EVM-compatible DeFi chain.

The Reef Chain is powered by next-generation blockchain technology that utilizes Nominated Proof of Stake as its consensus protocol. The chain also features on-chain upgradability, EVM extensions, and libp2p networking. In addition to its state of the art cryptography, Reef Chain will offer invaluable resources to the Next Earth metaverse project.

Next Earth’s Big Win in Joining Reef Ecosystem

Next Earth’s decision to join the Reef ecosystem will benefit its short and long-term goals in several ways:

  • The chain is built with on-chain governance and upgradeability. Reef is self upgrading through a technical council elected by the Reef community.
  • Low transaction costs.
  • Fast speeds and high scalability.
  • Access to a liquidity bridge that facilitates wrap-up and transfer of DeFi assets from other blockchains to the Reef chain.

Next Earth will give its adopters an exceptional user experience by integrating into the Reef ecosystem. Being part of the Reef ecosystem offers users the exposure to hold and earn Reef rewards.

Self Sustaining Decentralized Land Ownership Platform

Virtual land ownership is a dream come true to many NFT owners. The BSC blockchain-based platform utilizes algorithmic solutions to create an ecosystem built on land NFTs of 10m * 10 m square tiles on a digital grid layer.

The platform will allow you to buy these virtual land NFTs and trade them. What’s more, the NFT holders can use the NFTs for DeFi yield farming or hold them and benefit from the possibility of rising land values.

Next Earth is also planning to introduce Next Earth tokens through an initial Dex Offering. The token will be used to purchase land and create NFT collectible portfolios. Besides, as a landowner, you will stake the token and earn high APYs from land sales. The plan is to finally bring real-world businesses into the virtual land hence creating a business-orientated metaverse.

Next Earth will be rolling out in 4 phases geared towards making it a fully decentralized and self-sustaining virtual land ownership and NFTs platform. The 4 phases include; land distribution, resources and economy building, digital sales and environmental support. Through utilizing the full potential of Next Earth, individuals and businesses alike can build finance projects with a DAO and tokenomics. In addition, they can create DeFi solutions geared towards benefiting communities.

By integrating into the Reef DeFi ecosystem, Next Earth will increase its adoption and actuate its virtual world business concept quicker. In doing so, being a global virtual land ownership platform will finally become a reality.Next Earth Website /Reef Website

Shawn Du'Mmett

Shawn Du'Mmett

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