Virgin Media Presents a Groundbreaking AI-Produced Edition of Ireland AM


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  • Virgin Media pioneers AI-driven TV with a historic Ireland AM episode.
  • Human hosts and AI collaborate to create a groundbreaking viewer experience
  • The future of television unveiled: AI takes center stage in content creation.


In a historic move, Virgin Media is set to air a special edition of Ireland AM today, entirely scripted and produced with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). While human hosts will retain their roles, the formatting, content, and scriptwriting have been shaped by AI, pushing the boundaries of traditional television.

A ‘World-First’ collaboration with AI

Virgin Media is making headlines by introducing a groundbreaking AI-powered episode of Ireland AM. This innovative endeavor leverages the capabilities of AI content generation platforms, including Chat GPT and Google Bard, to craft a show that is unlike anything viewers have seen before. This world-first collaboration aims to showcase the potential of AI in content creation and offer a glimpse into the future of television.

The trusted morning show with a technological twist

Despite the AI influence, Ireland AM’s human hosts, including Tommy Bowe, Muireann O’Connell, Alan Hughes, and Deric Hartigan, will continue to provide their familiar presence. This melding of human and artificial intelligence is a testament to the show’s adaptability and commitment to delivering engaging content.

Anthony Niland, head of content strategy at Virgin Media Television, expressed his excitement about this pioneering effort: “Ireland AM has been a trusted and valuable information source for Irish viewers for nearly 25 years. This AI-curated show is about using current accessible versions of artificial intelligence tools and giving our viewers, presenters, and production team a taste of what it is capable of and how it could potentially assist us.”

AI takes the reins

The AI-powered episode of Ireland AM is a testament to the evolving landscape of technology and its integration into mainstream media. AI has played a pivotal role in shaping the show’s formatting, content, scriptwriting, and even interviews. During the broadcast, “AI will be doing the thinking for us” from 7 am to 10 am, creating a truly unique viewing experience.

Virgin Media’s press release, partially composed by ChatGPT, highlights the focus on exploring AI’s capabilities: “Delving deep into the capabilities of AI, the show will focus on what unique and imaginative content it can create on the live, three-hour show.” It’s an exploration of the future, where AI is a central player in content creation, promising fresh and unpredictable experiences for viewers.

The future of television unveiled

This special AI edition of Ireland AM is being heralded as “the future of television.” It marks a significant step forward in the integration of AI into the entertainment industry, pioneering “a new era of dynamic, AI-influenced content, delivering a fresh and unpredictable viewer experience.”

Tune In to witness history

Viewers eager to witness this historic moment in television can tune in to the special AI edition of Ireland AM from 7 am to 10 am today on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player. It promises to be a captivating showcase of AI’s potential in shaping the future of content creation.

As technology continues to advance, collaborations like these between traditional media and AI platforms are likely to become more common. This pioneering effort by Virgin Media sets a precedent for future innovation in the broadcasting industry, blurring the lines between human creativity and artificial intelligence. 

Virgin Media’s decision to air an AI-produced episode of Ireland AM represents a significant milestone in the world of television. While AI played a central role in shaping the show’s content and formatting, the human hosts remained at the forefront. This groundbreaking collaboration demonstrates the evolving landscape of technology in media and offers viewers a glimpse into the future of television. As AI’s influence continues to grow, it is clear that it will play an increasingly prominent role in content creation, transforming the way we experience entertainment.

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