Artist sells painting on Binance for $23000


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• A 14-year-old Vietnamese man has made almost $23000 from a Binance NFT exposure.
• NFT exposures on Binance may increase by the end of 2021.

Xeo Chu, a 14-year-old Vietnamese painter, trended a few hours ago for selling his latest work for $22899. The work titled “The Lucky Apricot Blossoms” was auctioned for $5000, and the next day, its price increased. Pho Van An, recognized in the art world as Xeo Chu, fulfilled his dream of being famous and selling his work at such a high price.

The Binance platform was used in this auction that marked a milestone in Vietnamese art using cryptocurrencies. Chu is happy to sell his work, but he is also grateful for all the people who have supported him. The boy-painter used his Facebook account to announce that he was sending the money to charity and selling his painting on his birthday.

Cryptocurrencies in Vietnam and other countries


Cryptocurrencies, especially non-fungible tokens, have propelled the art world to a high level. Many Vietnamese artists like Xeo Chu have displayed their works, auctioned them, and earned a lot of money paid by enthusiasts who want the one-of-a-kind piece. Several NFT art exhibitions have been completed in Europe, so this trend has become common for crypto fans.

The 14-year-old Vietnamese young man presented his work at the Georges Berges Museum of Art in New York, the United States, in 2018. The museum owner, Georges Berges, believes that Xeo Chu is like the young Jackson Pollock, an abstract works artist in the 40s-50s.

Some time ago, Chu had the privilege of selling one of his works for $150000, although it is unknown if he used Binance for the auction. The young man is known for his charities in Vietnam or other countries in Asia.

Crypto exchange Binance has also powered other art auctions in Vietnam, North America, and Europe. This platform is known for its NFT trading because it is very safe, stable, and does not have as many regulations as other exchanges.

Binance promotes NFT auctions and cryptocurrency trading in Vietnam

Binance is undoubtedly a key player in cryptocurrency trading in several Asian countries, including Vietnam. This crypto exchange is available in several countries, allowing crypto investments with tokens like Bitcoin.

The platform has also served in NFT art exhibitions, such as the ADAHA one launched in late July. In this gallery, eight contemporary art enthusiasts such as MAOHAONAN, John Gerrard, Timur Si-Qin, Tingwei Li, among others, were presented.

On another occasion, Binance served artists from Vietnam such as Tu Na and Phong Luong, who are Xeo Chu’s competition. NFT exposures on the platform are expected to increase by the end of 2021.

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