Video Game Industry Leaders Address Layoff Concerns Amidst Restructuring


  • Embracer Group and Microsoft laid off thousands due to restructuring and industry growth worries.
  • CEOs talked about compassion but faced doubt over sudden closures and growth concerns.
  • Calls for better leadership rise amid worries about prioritizing profits over workers.

In the wake of significant layoffs within the video game industry, leaders from Embracer Group and Microsoft have offered insights into the restructuring programs that have resulted in hundreds of job eliminations. The layoffs, which have affected multiple studios and developers, have sparked concerns about the disconnect between corporate decisions and the well-being of employees.

Embracer Group’s restructuring program

Embracer Group, led by CEO Lars Wingefors, initiated a restructuring program following the failure of anticipated investments, reportedly from the Saudi Arabia-backed Savvy Games. This setback led to the conglomerate implementing studio closures, project cancellations, and workforce reductions. Since the program’s inception last July, nearly 1,400 employees across various studios have been laid off.

Wingefors’ statements regarding the layoffs have been met with skepticism. While emphasizing compassion, respect, and integrity in the execution of layoffs, critics argue that actions such as closing Volition abruptly contradict these sentiments. 

Additionally, Embracer’s focus on maximizing shareholder value, as highlighted in company reports and earnings calls, suggests prioritizing financial interests over employee well-being.

Microsoft addresses layoffs amidst growth concerns

Microsoft, including its gaming division, has also faced scrutiny following the announcement of layoffs affecting 1,900 developers across Xbox, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard. Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, acknowledged the layoffs during a podcast, attributing them to the industry’s stagnant growth despite a successful year for gaming in 2023. Spencer emphasized the importance of building a sustainable business and maintaining a healthy industry for players and employees.

However, some inconsistencies arise in Spencer’s statements, particularly regarding Xbox’s user base expansion across consoles, PCs, and cloud platforms. While boasting record-high user counts, Spencer’s concerns about industry growth raise questions about Microsoft’s priorities and commitment to continuous expansion.

Calls for better leadership and industry practices

The response from industry leaders, while acknowledging the challenges faced, has not fully alleviated concerns regarding the treatment of employees amidst restructuring efforts. Critics argue that corporate decisions prioritize investor interests over the well-being of those directly involved in game development.

Moving forward, there are calls for greater transparency, accountability, and a shift in focus towards fostering a supportive and sustainable environment for all stakeholders within the video game industry. Leadership at companies like Embracer Group and Microsoft is urged to prioritize the needs of employees and foster a culture of empathy and inclusivity.

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