Video Game Actors Battle AI Over their Roles


  • Video game actors are getting noticed more, especially after big roles in games like Final Fantasy 16 and Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • AI technology threatens to replace human voices in games, causing worry about jobs and the future of acting.
  • Despite layoffs and AI challenges, the gaming industry remains hopeful, exploring new ways for actors and technology to work together.

In recent years, video game actors have started to grab the spotlight, showcasing talent in titles like Final Fantasy 16 and Baldur’s Gate 3. This shift is a change from the past, where voice actors often remained unrecognized for their contributions. The year 2023 became a turning point, seeing actors achieve fame through their roles. However, this success story faces obstacles, as AI technology threatens the role of human actors.

The voice behind the avatar

Actors Ben Starr, Samantha Béart, and Doug Cockle, known for their roles in popular games, have openly discussed the space of voice acting. Historically seen as less legitimate compared to other acting forms, video game acting has gained respect and desire among actors. Ben Starr, who voiced the hero Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16, experienced a surge in popularity. This is due to his role and his presence on social media. Similarly, Samantha Béart’s portrayal of Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 earned a BAFTA nomination, highlighting the recognition of voice acting talent.

This newfound visibility is not without its obstacles. The actors express concerns over AI’s impact on the industry. The technology’s ability to replicate human voices raises fears about job security and the loss of artistic integrity. Despite the threat, there’s a silver lining as the industry adapts, exploring how human talent and AI can coexist. Nevertheless, the conversation around AI’s role in voice acting remains a hot topic, with opinions divided on its eventual impact.

Layoffs and AI’s shadow

The gaming world is not just about the actors; it’s also about the creators behind the scenes. In 2023, the industry faced a wave of layoffs, with over 11,250 job losses reported. The first two months of 2024 saw this trend continue, adding to the uncertainty facing game developers and, by extension, freelance actors, sound engineers, and directors. The cause is a mix of over-expansion, high production costs, and a shifting economic world.

Amidst everything, there’s an ongoing discussion about the use of AI in gaming. AI is not just used for voice acting but as a cost-saving measure that could lead to further job cuts. Some games have already started using AI for voice roles, prompting debates about the future of human creativity in the industry. Despite the potential for AI to streamline certain processes, the loss of personal touch and the threat to creative jobs remain significant concerns.

Video game actors future

Despite the difficulties, there’s a sense of optimism among actors and industry professionals. They believe in the resilience of the gaming community. The push for greater unionization in the industry aims to provide more security for developers and actors alike, combating the precarious nature of the industry and the potential overreach of AI.

The future may see more collaboration between film and TV actors and the gaming industry. This leads to diversifying the talent pool and bringing new perspectives to game storytelling. The focus remains on protecting the jobs and integrity of those who bring games to life.

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