Victory Securities granted approval for crypto trading in Hong Kong

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  • Victory Securities has received approval from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission to offer virtual asset trading and consulting to retail investors.
  • This approval marks the first time a traditional securities company in Hong Kong is authorized to provide cryptocurrency trading to retail clients.
  • Victory Securities aims to integrate virtual assets into traditional finance, offering a seamless experience for investors and contributing to Hong Kong’s growth as a virtual asset hub.

In a groundbreaking move, Victory Securities, a stalwart in the Hong Kong securities market, has etched its name in history by receiving the green light from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to engage in virtual asset trading and consulting for retail investors.

This landmark decision marks the first instance in Hong Kong’s financial history where a traditional securities company has been authorized to open the doors of cryptocurrency trading to retail investors.

A New Era for Virtual Assets in Hong Kong

Having established its roots in Hong Kong for over half a century, Victory Securities has now positioned itself at the forefront of the virtual asset revolution.

This approval from the SFC not only heralds a significant milestone for Victory Securities but also signals a new chapter in the development of Hong Kong’s virtual asset trading ecosystem.

It represents a bold step in integrating virtual assets into the traditional financial system, offering retail investors a compliant and protected channel to engage in this burgeoning asset class.

This move aligns with Hong Kong’s ambition to establish itself as a global hub for virtual assets, showcasing its commitment to innovation and financial inclusivity.

Mr. Chen Peiquan, Executive Director of Victory Securities, expressed his enthusiasm about this new development.

He noted that this recognition by the China Securities Regulatory Commission cements Victory Securities’ position as a trailblazer in the virtual asset space.

The company’s recent achievements, including multiple ‘firsts’ in virtual asset trading and consultation, reflect its pioneering spirit and operational expertise in this sector.

According to the company’s data, there has been a significant surge in virtual asset transactions and new customer registrations, indicating a robust demand for virtual asset trading services.

To further this momentum, Victory Securities plans to introduce a variety of incentives for new customers and launch an integrated solution that seamlessly blends virtual assets and securities services.

Victory Securities: Bridging Traditional Finance and Virtual Assets

Victory Securities is not just opening new trading avenues; it aims to create a synergy between traditional finance and virtual assets. This innovative approach will allow customers to diversify their portfolios in a flexible and convenient manner.

The company is committed to providing sound investment advice on virtual assets and disseminating relevant research reports to educate general investors.

This focus on investor education is crucial for enhancing understanding and promoting the adoption of virtual asset investment.

Moreover, Victory Securities will continue to work closely with regulatory agencies to foster a stable, safe, and sustainable virtual asset trading environment in Hong Kong.

This collaborative effort is vital in ensuring that Hong Kong’s virtual asset market grows in a regulated and secure manner, benefiting investors and the broader financial community.

In 2023, Victory Securities blazed a trail by becoming the first and only licensed financial group in Hong Kong to simultaneously obtain virtual asset trading, consulting, and asset management service licenses from the SFC.

Additionally, it launched Hong Kong’s first compliant virtual asset trading application for professional investors, further solidifying its leadership in this domain.

As Victory Securities embarks on this new journey, it sets a precedent for other financial institutions in Hong Kong and beyond.

The company’s foray into virtual asset trading and consulting for retail investors is a testament to its innovative spirit and its commitment to expanding the horizons of financial services.

This development is not just a win for Victory Securities; it is a victory for the evolving landscape of finance, where traditional and digital realms converge to create new opportunities for investors worldwide.

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